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2020 New Years Resolutions Revisited - How am I Doing???

So back on January 3rd, I blogged about how I’m a New Year Resolution kind of person. We are six months into the year, so I thought I would send out a progress report.

1. Continue to lose weight. I like to keep it real on this blog so I am not going to pad the numbers. I’m down 2 pounds from January 3rd and while it doesn’t sound like a significant amount, the number is still going down. Victory! I also like that the weight is going down slowly. Like many other people, I’ve lost the weight quickly only to regain it (and more) even more quickly…I’m going for lifetime healthy weight. So I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing.

2. Strength training. At this time, I’m doing arm exercises 3x a week. I’ve been doing them regularly for 5 weeks. I haven’t noticed any difference; I still have those lovely “bingo wings” (google it if you don’t know what they are; my sister had no idea!) on my upper arms, but 5 weeks won’t undo many years of neglect. However, I feel better so it’s a win!

3. Outdoor Activities. Unless you are new to this blog, you know that my husband and I live in Florida. (And love, love, love it!) In order to facilitate more activity, we rearranged our garage so that we can access the outdoor equipment more readily. We actually hung our kayak above the truck so it’s easier to load—my husband’s brilliant idea! We also got our bikes serviced during the “stay at home” time.

With all that being said, and, keeping it real, we went kayaking 3 times this past winter! It is three times more than last year, so I count that as a major improvement. And, while we’ve only ridden the bikes one time so far but I think we’ll do better soon. Just one more time and we are at 100% increase! It may not be too soon for a number of reasons. Florida is in the rainy season now so getting outside can be problematic, especially after 5:00 when it is quitting time and we are experiencing our daily, evening rains. We’ll get there.

4. Regular Blooming Daisies Blog posts. In comparison to the last few years, I’m doing much better at posting. Just one or two restarts! I have to give major credit to my sister, Kim. She understands me, reads my mind across the miles, asks questions when she doesn’t, and adds the content to my intent. It helps that she loves to write. She takes my basic blog and makes it so much more reader friendly! I love you, Kim! (She loves you back!)

5. Last, enjoy life! I think that the first four resolutions have added up to the fifth. By working on my health, fitness, and business, I am finding that my life is fulfilling. It only adds to the relationships that I enjoy with my husband, my children and their families, as well as other family and friends. Hard emphasis on the relationships.

Anyway, this is an update on my listed resolutions. Stitching wise, I completed one cross stitch project and have 2 more in active works. On my “stash blog”, I forgot to include my Christmas Wreath. I really want to get it done but I am trying to get other projects done first. Truthfully, I would really love to get the Tardis “albatross” done and sent to our oldest. I put a combined picture up with my list of resolutions and our latest product! I have some wooden needleminders that you can color yourself!!!

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