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Blooming Daisies Crafts 2020 "12 Needlecrafter Gift Ideas!"

Last year BloomingDaisiesCrafts posted “12 Needle Crafters Gift Ideas.” Looking over that list, you will find that these ideas are still relevant! This year, there have been a few additions, leaning heavily on organization:

  1. WIP Project Bag – BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers a range of fabric choices to hold present “work on hold” or future WIP. The bag has a clear window to make viewing the contents easy. Keep your stash safe, clean and organized! Click on the link above to see the newest additions to the line.

  2. Bobbin Clamps – used with Q-Snap rings, these brightly colored clamps help keep excess fabric contained and give extra stability to your grime guard! These also make great stocking stuffers.

  3. Hair Clips - yep, that’s what I said! Hair clips are an easily accessible, somewhat inexpensive alternative to Bobbin Clamps. Great for young or beginning cross stitchers.

  4. Thread Keepers – The complexity of these varies. For gift giving ideas I am focusing on the small, fun ones used for simpler projects. Products range from very utilitarian to fun shapes (dogs and cats, etc.) and sizes that can hold a number of thread colors. I have used these and cannot believe I forgot to include them on my original gift list! There are some really cool ones out there and can easily be personalized!

  5. Floss Bobbins - These can be just ordinary or you can find some in cute animal shapes. I use the plain ones as they fit into my floss organizing box easily. I do prefer the plastic ones to the cardboard ones. The cardboard ones just aren’t sturdy enough (some cross stitchers recommend that two be glued together for stability) and may not be acid free which can damage your thread over time.

  6. DMC Floss Number Stickers - Exactly what they say. This is an alternative to cutting the number off the floss and taping it on the floss bobbins. The numbers are much easier to read. However, as an experienced cross stitcher, I recommend placing a piece of tape over the number. Numbers have been known to be found floating in my Floss Organizer Box.

  7. Floss Organizer Box – think “filing cabinet” for your floss. Who doesn’t love having the correct floss at their fingertips?! Don’t limit yourself to one! I have larger ones for my general floss and smaller ones for separate projects. (I know some people use the ring but I found my floss would unwind and get tangled with other colors.)

  8. Floss Winder – Much the same idea as the bobbin winder on a sewing machine. While I don’t use one, they are touted to wind your floss with the correct tension and evenly to make the bobbin flatter. One would make a cute stocking stuffer.

  9. DMC StitchBow Floss Holder - This is a different way to store your floss instead of the bobbins. Per the DMC website, “The patented design of the StitchBow Floss Holder maintains the original shape and fullness of the floss skein when storing it.” The StitchBow also allows the use of the original label band. I know quite a few stitchers that use this method. Probably a good gift for the craft veteran that has everything.

  10. DMC Stitchbow Organizing and Storage Binder - Instead of the Floss Organizer Box, they have a binder with plastic pouches to hold the StitchBows.

  11. DMC Collector’s Tin - This has 35 of the newest shades of DMC floss and includes two cross stitch patterns. This is the equivalent of a new box of crayons at Christmas! I have not gotten any of these tins so I don’t know the complexity of the patterns.

  12. And once again, Gift Cards are always good. This way your stitcher can decide how she/he wants to organize their floss and projects.

Thinking you would like to be the recipient of any of these gifts? Just print the list; circle, star or “heart” your favorites: cut across the line above and place it in a spot your loved one will be sure to find it. No guarantees, but your wish list is started! And as an added bonus: be sure to take advantage of our current SALE!

I didn't put a whole lot of recommendations for where to buy things. I know my friend, Lisa at Golden Needle has quite a bit of these products available and you are helping a small, veteran owned business at the same time!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts continues to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. If you haven’t already seen that we are also running a CONTEST, check us out on Facebook or Instagram!

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