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Can a Q-Snap Grime Guard Work on a Hoop?

Customers have asked, “Can a Q-Snap Grime Guard work on a hoop?” The short answer is, “Yes.” While it appears to be a simple “yes or no” question, the answer would be lacking in detail.

In truth, the efficiency of the Q-Snap Grime Guard on the 10” hoop depends on how generous you like the fabric on the sides. Take a look at the posted pictures of the 10” hoops: the pink 8x8 “I Meow You” Q-Snap Grime Guard versus the blue paw prints 10” hoop Grime Guard. As you can see, “Yes, it fits” is the answer but the details are as follows.

The extra wide band of “I Meow You” material covers up a large part of the project’s work space. This could lead to time spent moving your project around on the hoop, trying to alter the Grime Guard, or just getting frustrated with the Grime Guard and removing it. These results defeat at least two purposes for a Grime Guard-- which are to make your hobby (1) enjoyable and (2) easy.

Because the 10” hoop Grime Guard is thinner (in the blue and white paw print) and leaves more of the field exposed, it gives you more room to work on your project. However, to get an unbiased opinion, one of my customers bought an 8x8 Q-Snap Grime Guard for her 10” hoop project and I sent her the 10” hoop Grime Guard for her to compare. Stay tuned to see which one she likes better.…

Now, for truth in advertising, I don’t use a hoop. My favorite hardware is actually the scroll frame. Right now, I am stitching on a project that didn’t work out well on my scroll frame because it was too short and wouldn’t stretch. So I switched to an 11x11 Q-Snap frame and it’s working out well. I think most cross stitchers are like me and have a variety of stitching frames for different projects and, like most tools, the accessories complement the specific tool.

So my market research has led me to the realization that I need to begin adding hoop options to my Grime Guards. This will allow me to make adjustments as I get feedback from my customers. I will say I love hearing from you, my customers, with their requests and opinions. Please, if you have a request or consideration, let me know.

Have a safe week and take care of yourself.

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