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Comfort Hearts out of flannel!

Each family member picks a pair.  Helping to feel connected beyond life.
Hearts for comfort

Last week Blooming Daisies made its first batch of hearts for Edmarc Children’s Hospice located in Virginia. My sister-in-law has worked there as a nurse for many years. She asked if I could possibly make some hearts for the children and their families as they only had 10 in reserve. These hearts are meant to help families feel connected for eternity. Each family member selects a pair of hearts; one heart goes with the deceased child and one is meant for the pocket of the survivor for comfort and connection. What a blessing it was to be asked to serve. I was able to mail 40 matching hearts to the hospice. Blooming Daisies will continue to send these precious, little hearts and hope that someday they won’t be needed.

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