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Cruising into the season…Again!

My husband and I took a mini vacation—a short Caribbean cruise last week. We experienced a new way of cruising, mostly at the eating facilities. At the buffet, it is no longer self-serve; catering personnel now serve diners the items from the food bar. The dining areas have segregated seating for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. As for the total number of people cruising, the passenger count seemed to be at half capacity. That was probably the feature my husband and I enjoyed the most. We found the experience relaxing and we were happy to get away for the week.

Now I am back at work, preparing to cruise into the holidays! As BloomingDaisiesCrafts had 10 orders last week, this little elf will be working hard to quickly fulfill those orders. To all of those customers, thank you for understanding orders placed last week would be delayed due to a much needed vacation!

Grime Guard information! Recently, a customer requested a custom size Grime Guard for an 8x14 project. I told her to add the two numbers together and the total is equivalent to the standard 11x11 size: 8+14=22 and 11+11=22. Therefore the standard 11x11 is the “custom” size she would need for her 8x14 project. Grime Guards are listed in standard frame sizes as stitchers do not look for perimeter measurements, but instead shop for accessories to fit the frame size. In the past, people have requested a 14x14, which is the same as 11x17. We all change our Q-Snap bars to adapt to our work and our comfort when sewing. Since Q-Snap Grime Guards are one circle, they can be used for various adaptations. Hopefully this little tidbit helps you, too, but if you need help, press the “Let’s Chat” button on BloomingDaisiesCrafts and we can do the math together.

At this time, my sister and I are making decisions for posting new product moving forward. While posting Christmas at Christmas might seem intuitive, the past has shown that BloomingDaisiesCrafts can sell Christmas year around. And, that when purchasing BloomingDaisiesCrafts for gifts, customers tend to buy for the recipient’s personality, not the season. Personally, I stitch any holiday project that I want to, whenever I want to. As evidence, right now in my family room, the Joy Sunday H790 Holiday Wreath is on the rack, safely wrapped up in the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Vintage Christmas Advertising Dust Cover and the Glendon Place Thanks Giving (GP-249) WIP (I was going to link it to Golden Needle's website but that is temporarily down due to her move to TX) is in the QSnap with “Gobble ‘Til You Wobble” Grime Guards. I have a few other projects going too. Anyway, the first goal is to get the fabric that I have purchased but not sewn out of the closet and into the light! Hopefully, you may see the Disney villainess fabric that has been forced to the back of the closet and looking to celebrate a year anniversary with me.

I wish my sister lived closer to me; not only because we have so much fun together but she is the ying to my yang for BloomingDaisiesCrafts. Oh well, I will just keep utilizing her skills from afar. And keep her on speed dial.

This week’s BloomingDaisiesCrafts highlighted Christmas product:

  • Words of Christmas Dust Cover-The bright red background emphasizes the words of the season. So pretty that you will recognize it as holiday décor in your sewing area, inviting you to open the package and stitch on your favorite WIP.

  • Christmas Flamingo! WIP Project Bag – This fabric gives the most subtle nod to Christmas! Ready for a beach get-a-way? Get started here with a fun bag to store your future Christmas WIP design!

  • Xmas Poinsettia ORT Jar Scissor Holder –This is a cute little gift idea for the stitcher in your life. Gift them the little holder, a canning jar (not included), and fancy scissors you have found!

  • Christmas Mittens Grime Guard – Keep your precious WIP clean with this cute patterned Grime Guard (also available in Q-Snap Project Bags). BloomingDaisiesCrafts has a lot of choices in Christmas product to mix and match.

  • Rudolph Q-Snap Project Bags – This is the quintessential Rudolph character bag. The Christmas green field features bubbles of the stars of the favorite childhood cartoon and is detailed with bright red bias tape. Q-Snap Project Bags are awesome when traveling for the holidays - they keep all your project parts together and easily store away when you are not sewing.

  • Rudolph the Reindeer Needle Minder – See above! Rudolph is so cute and keeps your needles handy. Needle Minders store well in place on projects stored in Q-Snap Project Bags or wrapped in Dust Covers.

  • Nurses/Surgical Caps – Look for the Christmas Snowflake on Buffalo print and the newest cap: Glittery Dog with Christmas Lights. If you are looking for a cute gift for anybody on your list that is a nurse/doctor/veterinarian/eye doctor, etc., please check out the inventory on BloomingDaisiesCrafts under the “More” tab. Fun prints, as well as, solid colors are available. Go ahead, think outside of the box!

Thursday is Thanksgiving. My sister and I wish you wonderful “turkey day” with those you love - either in person or virtually! And, as always, BloomingDaisiesCrafts is thankful for you, our customers. Blessings.

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