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Does a Full-Sized Needleminder Work on a 6" Hoop?

This week we continue with some impromptu Q&A on BloomingDaisiesCrafts products.

If you missed the discussion June 4 blog, “Can a Q-Snap Grime Guard Work on a Hoop?” The short answer was, “Yes it can, maybe not well but yes, it will work.” I recommend that if you are curious, to read that blog to understand why there is a better solution.

Today’s question is “Does a full-sized Needleminder work on a 6” hoop?” In the name of “Research and Development,” I assembled a prototype. Per the picture, the Needleminder does work on the smaller hoop. However, I found that the field was a little crowded and awkward. I am recording my findings on this blog. Now it is a scientific study.

In looking at the results, BloomingDaisiesCrafts has decided to expand its Needleminder selection to include mini Needleminders! This line of product is not only smaller in size but also in price. They still hold your needle, have the same level of cuteness as the full sized counterpart, and take up a lot less room on your project—perhaps the one on your 6” hoop… Click over to see the introductory selection which includes but is not limited to: an inkspot, Ouija planchette, and a walking bomb.

Don’t forget to browse the standard size Needleminders. They are an inexpensive way to dress up or complement your project, reveal part of your personality, and keep track of those needles! BloomingDaisesCrafts has a wide variety of designs to choose from and uses powerful magnets. They work on most metal surfaces. Shop our selection for something fun to use on your refrigerator, in your home office, or to give as a gift.

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