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Drumroll, please!!

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for: “Rub-a-Dub” is Rub-a-Done!!! So maybe “we” haven’t all been waiting for it but I am happy to have this one off the q-snap. It is my second completed cross stitch project since I started my Coronavirus Challenge on March 19. The first was “Pretend It’s Friday”. Now I need to get both my finished “Pandemic projects” framed.

Which begs the question(s): How do you prepare your projects for display? Do you frame them yourself or send them out? Just an observation, but cross stitching is inexpensive until it comes to professional framing—even with coupons. So, I employ the DIY method with my smaller projects. I use the “peel and stick” mounting boards that are designed for this purpose and can be purchased at most hobby/craft stores. These boards come in a wide range of sizes that correspond to standard picture frames and are reasonably priced. Because of the price savings, I have been known to order a custom matte cut to size. Specialty mattes are unlimited in color choice and texture. Couple the correct selection with a talented or Master Framer that can cut a matte to hug or outline your treasured stitching, and you will be pleased with the enhancement of the finished product. But keep in mind that it needs to fit in a standard frame; including the depth. I recommend a dry fitting before you move too far along. All that being said, I’m thinking my “Rub-a-Dub” (17”x5.5”) will have to be professionally framed. “Pretend It’s Friday” is more of a DIY size. Pictures will be posted so be sure to check back.

Displaying my cross stitch is a point of pride for me. Projects that are gifts and leave me are beyond my control, but what stays with me shows a job well done and adds to my décor. I channel Marie Kondo prior to bringing stitchery into the house. I don’t feel bad when purchasing (or stitching) something I love; it normally will display well in any room of my home. I knew where “Rub-a-Dub” would hang from the moment I purchased it: in my guest bathroom with the pictures of my grandkids in their towels after bath time. “Pretend It’s Friday” will hang on the wall just outside my office.

Again, once a gift is given, it is no longer mine to worry about. However, I (and you all) know my next project, the time traveling Tardis, goes to our oldest son - he is a big fan of Dr. Who! While not as laborious as giving birth to him, it has been a difficult project to stay on task—and truthfully, I haven’t done a great job of that. I certainly hope that it takes a place of honor on a wall in his apartment. If not, he better remember to pull it out whenever I visit and display it prominently. I am okay with him living that lie.

Now that I have shared my updates, please post some of your “Corona Challenge” pictures in the comments! I really would like to see some of the projects that you have been working on!

Now about BloomingDaisiesCrafts’ new product:

  • Earlier this week I made up some samples with the multicolored snowflake material using a rich purple contrast. The purple really makes the colors pop! Also look for the snowflake fabric in both grime guards and WIP bags. I like that it isn’t confined to the Christmas category.

  • Just yesterday I sewed up a WIP bag featuring the vintage truck with a buffalo plaid contrast. It is a favorite for this year! Again, more of a Christmas/winter vibe with this one. Very versatile!

  • Also have 2 different Halloween WIP bags to get to you.

  • The introduction of new needleminders may have slowed down a little but the selection is large--over 400 to choose from and I have a couple new ones to add! Always something new and exciting at BloomingDaisiesCrafts!

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