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Dust Covers and their Purpose

As loyal BloomingDaisiesCrafts blog readers, many of you have followed the WIP updates for the Dr. Who Tardis. (If this is your first time reading the BloomingDaisiesCrafts blog, I hope that this saga will not continue on like the bad plot in a daytime soap opera.) But just for today, I am giving you a glimpse of my poor, neglected Christmas Wreath WIP. This beauty has been sitting beside my couch for all this time, feeling ignored because, in truth, I cannot wait to pick it up again. Visitors, that do not know me well, would not know what it is because I keep it safely wrapped in a BloomingDaisiesCraft dust cover!

The advantages of using a Dust Cover are many.

  • A Dust Cover keeps the project that may be “camped out” for quite a while safe from dust, dirt and, how do I put this delicately, grubby hands.

  • UV rays affect the quality of cross stitch/embroidery floss over time, making it less resilient and more prone to fraying which may diminish the look of your finished product.

  • Your Dust Cover holds all your stitching supplies together on a project you are working on obsessively, periodically or stitchery that is “on-hold”. I have an “on-hold” one in my closet currently. Yes, only one.

  • Chosen correctly, your Dust Cover will reflect your personality, spruce up your room with a shot of color and charm, and/or complement your WIP. BloomingDaisiesCrafts offer a variety of fabrics to choose from.

  • Dust covers are simple to use: just wrap them around your scroll frame and use the hook and loop closure to keep it safely cocooned.

Ordering your custom Dust Cover is easy. You will need only the two measurements from your scroll rod, as pictured. The width is the width of your scroll rod. The length is the circumference, or distance around, the outside of the rods with a little extra added. This measurement is very important. If you have any questions, tap on the “Let’s Chat” button located on the lower righthand corner of your computer screen. Your chat will be picked up by me, the company owner!

New Product from BloomingDaisiesCrafts in the works:

Grime Guards: Vintage Bambi and Thumper patterned QSnap and scroll rod Grime Guards. They are so cute! And while I may be showing my age, the print reminds me of the “paint with water” papers of yesteryear! WIP bags and Q-Snap bags have been cut out and are in the queue to be sewn and posted on BloomingDaisiesCrafts.

Small Notions Bags: One of my repeat customers asked if I could make her a matching small notions bag for the Ravenclaw Q-Snap Bag she was ordering. I said of course! And it is now listed along with the Exploding Tardis Q-Snap Bag! They are 6x9 with a zipper and zipper pull. If you want one out of a different fabric hit the Let’s Chat button below!

Nurses/Surgical Caps: For those of you in the healthcare field, or know someone who is, look for the finished, quality Nurses/Surgical cap pictures to replace those listed showing only a fabric square. And while most are listed on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts eBay store, the selection does not include all the fabric patterns featured on And, per customer requests, plain caps are available as well.

Needle Minders: An adorable “Cute Black Cat w/Yarn” under the “Animals” dropdown is now available. Or, if you are in a Good Place, you may prefer the snarky “Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs”. Because it makes me smile, I will probably be adding that one to my Tardis piece.

Speaking of the Tardis, I am on the next page—page 8 of 9! Hallelujah! The end is in sight! Once it is done, I might be able to unwrap my Christmas Wreath project from its beautiful Dust Cover and start to work on it. But I have to stay focused and finish the Tardis first though. I had planned to finish it prior to my birthday. Hmmmm, maybe I skipped it this year as it has already been pushed back a month or three. I will definitely need to think about it. And stop thinking about the next project. I don’t know about you but when a project becomes long (and the Tardis has had staying power), I’m looking at my next project. I just keep repeating - have to finish Tardis first. I am proud of sticking with this one. Our son is looking forward to getting this one (and I am looking forward to him having it) so that is incentive in itself.

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