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Eenie, meanie, minie, Moe…

While I don’t actually have my stash physically filed and labeled, I do have them that way in my mind. The kits are not in alphabetical order or matter of priority, but my labels for them include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Gifts and general projects. If I lump the first three into a “Holiday” heading, I am currently working on a project from each category.

Tardis Clock, a gift for our oldest son, is a labor of love. There isn’t a lot of variation to the colors at this point, making it tedious. It has been a tough project for me. Because I can only spend about 1 hour a day on my cross stitch due to sewing product for Blooming Daisies Crafts and working my regular part time job, I’m just going to have to power through, get it done, framed and sent to our son. We will see how that works. My intentions are to work on Tardis full time when I finish the Penguins.

Rub-A-Dub Penguins (a general project), I’m hoping to have the one side completely done (including back-stitching) for this week’s progress picture…or maybe next week. I thought this earlier this year that I would have completed these projects. I even assigned months that I thought a WIP would be done…Let me just say, the Tardis should have been done in March, the Penguins in May and I forgot to even assign the Christmas Wreath a month in the line up! It sounded good when I envisioned the calendar.

I started the Christmas Wreath (for me) after the Sit-N-Stitch at Golden Needle when the owner, Lisa, suggested that I needed a project that “keeps my interest”. And, it does just that. It is my reward. How do you get through projects you’re just not that into? Do you just make yourself work on it a certain number of stitches each day or a certain amount of time? I’d love to know your solutions! Anyway, speaking of Christmas…

The first annual Blooming Daisies Crafts Christmas in July sale ends at midnight tonight, July 31. All Christmas product, new and old, is 10% off. The new fabric is festive and classic—sure to match most holiday décor and be a beautiful “reminder” of the cross stitch keepsake that you are creating, Christmas or an everyday pattern! Be sure to jump over to the website,, right now to check out the sale. It is never too early to Christmas gifts, for others or yourself!

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