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It’s HERE! Blooming Daisies 2019 Christmas Product!

Please check out the new Christmas collection on our website! You will find products to fit your holiday theme in a number of fabrics!

* Grime guards to keep your work clean,

*Q-snap project bags that make locating your projects easy,

*Scissor fobs to dress up and identify your scissors,

*ORT jar decorations—exclusive Blooming Daisies ORT jar scissor holders and

*Finally, lip balm holders!

*Also, needleminders that add to your holiday vibe!

And this is just in the holiday lineup! (Our regular stock is still available during the holiday season!)

Blooming Daisies is working hard to fulfill your holiday gift giving options, stocking stuffers, stitching circle gifts and more! And some of our product is suitable for quilters and knitters, as well.

Do you have a crafting friend that is difficult to buy for? ORT jar scissor holders are new this year and are exclusive to Blooming Daisies Crafts! They are simple to use and will dress up an ORT jar nicely. They also keep your scissors handy!

Are you new to needlecrafting or have someone special in mind that is? Blooming Daisies will assemble gift bundles to your specifications. Just choose your product and fabric and let someone else do the work!

Order early for your holiday gifts while selection is at its best! Our scissor fobs with our lip balm holders are perfect to bling out your handbag or key ring for the Christmas season!

Add Blooming Daisies product line to your Christmas list your family is always asking for!

Right now, the Christmas collection is on sale with a 10% discount until 10/10.

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