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New Product Line! Surgical/Nurse Caps

Each year, like all good businesses, BloomingDaisiesCrafts revisits its business plan to look at ways to improve. Last year, the emphasis was on blogs. Early on, I sent one to my sister for proofreading and maybe a little polishing, but what I got back was a different, finished product. One that I liked. A lot. But wait, there is more! While I struggled with every draft, she enjoyed it! It was nice to let someone else take my bare bone ideas and use her “gift” of writing and editing to turn them into the columns you read each week. I knew it was important but not my strong suit. By doing this, I found I had the free time to move onto what is: product. Just last week, BloomingDaisiesCrafts launched a new product under the “More” tab: Healthcare Surgical Caps.

When the pandemic started, a local nurse posted on the community FB page requesting nursing caps for herself and her coworkers. At that time, surgical caps were NOT considered part of the government PPE protocol and therefore not provided for healthcare workers. Like many other seamstresses in the area, I responded. Using what supplies that I had on hand, I made up caps and donated them. If I remember correctly, the recommendations were that protective gear, including caps, was to be changed between patients, if possible.

Fast forward to this past summer (if you can), my BFF’s daughter graduated from a nursing program in Atlanta. As a graduation gift, I made her an assortment of caps with fabrics to suit her personality. She and the caps were put to work immediately when she started working in the Trauma/ICU unit of an Atlanta hospital. Since then, she and I have gone back and forth on which prints she likes better. A few weeks ago, while she was wearing her “Finding Nemo” cap, she had a number of compliments and requests for purchasing information. Upon those requests, I have added them to the BloomingDaisiesCrafts product line. At this time, the caps can be found under the “More” tab: Healthcare Surgical Caps.

This surgical/nursing cap is designed for doctors, nurses, attendants, and/or home healthcare providers. It is appropriate for use in hospitals, veterinary clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, etc.

  • Caps can be worn by men or women with short hair.

  • Scrub caps are one size fits most* with a tie back.

  • Elastic bands allow for a more snug and flexible fit.

  • Finished seams prevent fabric excessive fraying.

  • These hats are made of the highest quality, 100% cotton material. Fabric is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

  • Choice with or without buttons: button size and color will vary due to availability.

  • Please note: Pattern placement varies.

Care instructions: Machine wash COLD, non-chlorine bleach with like colors. Tumble dry low heat. Iron as needed. Right now the fabric choices appear limited; however, it is only representative of a small cross section of the prints I have to offer. I am working hard to produce additional samples for posting.

If you know somebody that wears these caps, enjoys expressing his/her personality, and maybe brightening the day of patients or coworkers, please send them to BloomingDaisiesCrafts. Or have them contact me for more information.

Now, for the Tardis update: I’m on page 5 of 9! Woo who! It is a ridiculous understatement to say that I can’t wait for this to be done. Still, I will say I am quite happy with how it’s looking!

And file this under “Helpful Tips”! After all the years I have been needle crafting, I just learned that to help avoid the thread twisting that occurs as you stitch, put your needle in one way and bring it back up reversed. This means that the pointed end goes down from the top and the eye of the needle comes up first from the underside. I tried this method and it saved me from having to let the needle dangle and untangle. Of course, I have to get used to doing it that way but it works when I remember. :) Maybe I will look at purchasing a “twin point quick stitch needle”.

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