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Spring has arrived in Florida…and hopefully wherever you are located as well!

Last weekend Florida hopefully experienced the last cold spell of 2023. And, although a low temperature of 53 degrees is not exactly cold to most of you, there was a cold northern wind blowing down here, too. My husband and I tell all our relatives that the struggle is real.

Speaking of struggle, this week’s WIP progress, unfortunately, is zilch. We had friends from Canada stay with us for 6 days and I chose to put some things aside and just enjoyed their company. Ours is a family that likes to play games and, being from NY state, my husband and I felt fortunate to be able to enjoy a good game of Euchre. After the traditional few hands, our friends then taught us a variation, “Reverse Euchre” (there are variations of the name), where the cards are held, you guessed it—in reverse and everyone can see your hand but you. There were a lot of laughs and maybe some table talk between partners. It was fun for all but especially for the women who happened to have won most of the games!

In a surprising revelation, my Canadian friend told me that she had never been to Hobby Lobby! I gasped and, like any good friend would do, said we would definitely be visiting the nearest location! As a matter of fact, on Day Two--it is never too soon to shop--she and I left our husbands at the house and off we girls went. Our little excursion was only three hours long but in that short amount of time, she bought supplies for herself and gifts for her granddaughters. Plans have already been made for her and her husband’s return trip next year and a “2024 Craft Store Crawl” across this part of Florida!

While the recent emphasis on Blooming Daisies Crafts has been focused on sewing new Grime Guards, WIP Bags, Dust Covers and Nurses Caps (ebay store) to get give its customer base even more selection as well as working my way thru the backlog of so many fun fabrics, we may have missed the fact that new Needle Minders have been posted as well!

First up is Wednesday w/Piranhas - anybody that loves the show “Wednesday” (like my husband and I do) knows the significance of this!

Second, three new dragon Needle Minders have been offered up! Look for the dragon series: Dragon with Envelope, the Purple Dragon in Paper Boat or Purple Dragon in Paper Airplane! The little hearts add some sweetness to the adorable dragons.

Finally, a Ticket to Hell! Whether you are going in a hand basket or have the fast track in mind, you will want to have your ticket readily available.

Do not stop at just viewing these new additions! Blooming Daisies Crafts works hard to add new merchandise but sometimes those postings miss the blog.

Blooming Daisies Crafts has sold another round Hoop Dust Cover Bags. Because this still counts as new product, I have decided to list a second fabric to give buyers variety. And as always with product development, I am wondering if an inside pocket is a good idea. Too much of a good thing? What do you think? I would also have to consider if I would have to increase the price to include cost of the material and labor for the pocket.

Recently I was gifted with a scissor fob and frog needle fob from a friend/customer in Connecticut. She sells them now on Etsy and does a wonderful job of producing and marketing them. If you are interested in seeing her product, check out her store at KatsCraftCorner - you can click on the name and this will link it back to her store. As woman-owned, small business, I like to support others like me.

Given the proximity of the next holiday, this week’s featured product has to be Easter! Let’s start with Star War Easter Q-Snap Project Bag! When another friend asked how I could tell it was Easter, I simply pointed out that the characters are all in the shape of Easter eggs. Do not miss the pretty pink color, as well. LOL!

For those of you that appreciate a more traditional look, Blooming Daisies Crafts has five new Easter Grime Guards in addition to the Bunny Butt one!

Needle Minders

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