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Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime!

Are you the person that goes camping at every opportunity? Maybe you enjoy staying close to home and therefore like “staycations”? Do you plan your vacation for next year right after you finish your vacation from this year? My husband and I vary. We do not camp any more. We would have to drive at least 8 hours to get out of Florida and close to a mountain. Our pool, view of the water, and personal amenities are hard to beat, so resort visits have paled in comparison. Nearly every day is a staycation! We do want to take a vacation this year but have not figured out when, where, and what yet.

We have a cruise scheduled for 2024 already so next year’s is checked off! Yeah - me and my lists!

When you make your summertime plans, do you take your stitching with you? Mine depends on what the plans are. When we are meeting up with grandkids, I usually do not take the stitching because I am focused on spending quality time with them. At the end of the day, I am exhausted and do not have the energy to stitch! I have been known to stitch in the car as my husband drives to and from our destination, however.

Now for the progress on my WIP!

My progress on the Dimension Christmas Beach Chair WIP had slowed to nearly a standstill due to our busy April commitments. I have one friend, Kellie, that has 6-8 projects going at one time. She says she gets bored and moves to the next one, etc. I have to say that her method is becoming more attractive to me! I think I actually have already inadvertently moved in that direction, because I have 3 unfinished projects sitting in my living room right now. I think I will try switching out like Kellie does to see if the rotation can keep me stitching longer in the evening and cause me to move along on my projects. Two of those are Christmas themed, so I may put down my Christmas wreath kit for a short time and add a Halloween WIP or the variegated Thanksgiving project waiting in my line up.

For additional interest on my stitchery, I am going to change the accessories on the projects more often, as well. During March and April, my Blooming Daisies Crafts logo project had an Easter Grime Guard and Easter Needle Minders. Then I thought to switch from that theme to a summertime one--maybe the Flip Flop Fun! But at the last minute, I decided out to change out Easter for the Blooming Daisies pattern Grime Guard with complementing Needle Minders – a Blooming Daisy w/Bee and the adorable Sunflower Minnie! Oh, I like the way they look!

Now for the next WIP: Christmas Beach Chairs (and new product alert!) is moving right along. Slowly but steady. You can see the in the picture that there is progress—mainly in the accoutrements. Blooming Daisies Crafts will soon be featuring cute Beach Scene Flamingo patterned Grime Guards and WIP bags. I made the 18” scroll rod Grime Guard to accommodate the Dimensions Beach Chairs and decked it out with the Flamingo Pool Float, Seashore Starfish Turtle, young Dory, and the Stingray Needle Minders. Do I need them all? No, but they add to the beach-y vibe! And they are part of this week’s featured product!

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