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Throwback Thursday #4 Dr. Who Q-Snap Project Bags!

This week we’re featuring Dr. Who past product that is still available but we can’t put it up on our website except as Throwback Thursday with a discount available!

These will be listed on our website as Throwback Thursday #4 - and then each product will be 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D, etc. Subscribe to our email to see what we are doing each Thursday! Come back weekly to see if what you are looking for is in our Throwback Thursday feature!

4A is our Blue/Black Tardis Fabric

4B is our Brown Dalek Fabric

4C is our Exploding Tardis

and last and never up on our website 4D - Red Tardis/Dalek Fabric

Some of these have matching grime guards or we also have Dr. Who comic grime guards still available!

Let us know if you have something specific in mind, always contact us! We love a challenge!

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