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To Decorate or Not To Decorate...I say, "Let's do this!"

My sister and I have always loved decorating for holidays. As kids, we would use construction paper to copy—this means draw free hand--pictures we found in coloring books, then color them, cut them out and tape them in the front windows. It took hours but we enjoyed doing it and thought our handiwork looked fabulous. We did this for most holidays; Jack o’lanterns for Halloween, turkeys at Thanksgiving, snowflakes for Christmas. I am sure you all get the picture. Lately (okay, since June), people have been posting on FaceBook about decorating for Christmas early and push through this year. Truly, I don’t understand. Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for! And I am not alone.

In Florida, decorating for any holiday is easy. At Halloween, bushes are covered with fake spider webs; skeletons hang from the eaves; blow up ghosts and goblins are staked in the yard. Fun stuff. But with nice weather and a little ingenuity, going over the top is even easier. One house in the adjoining neighborhood appears to have every square inch of their outside decked out for Halloween. They even have a full-size fake horse drawn hearse. It makes me wonder what the inside looks like.

While I don’t go as far as a hearse, I did upgrade my Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired man-eating plant that I fabricated a few years ago. I started with a couple of large foam pumpkins that I cut scallops vertically to look like teeth. It is important to do the scallops in the correct direction—you want your monster to have teeth, not gums. I squirted hot glue vines on the outside and painted the pumpkins, inside (red) and out (green). Because clay is a favorite medium of mine, I molded foam clay to make large teeth and a couple of long tongues then hot glued them inside the “mouths”. The creation is anchored to a fake philodendron plant that was purchased at GoodWill for a discounted price. I think the assembled product turned out so cute! My husband went outside earlier this week and half of the larger tongue was lying on the ground--a casualty that was soon repaired. My friend commented that it shouldn’t have stuck its tongue out at me!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts! Being a web-based, small business owner, I am always looking for ways to improve the website. This latest discovery should make your shopping experience on BloomingDaisiesCrafts even easier! Soon, you will be able to browse by product line. Currently, I’m working on grouping the holiday products. The Grime Guards were my “pilot program” and I must say that I am very happy with the results. Visit the website often and check out the changes! Once the holiday lines are arranged, I will move onto some of the other popular brands.

While you are looking at the updated Grime Guard folder, I hope that you will check out the newly posted merchandise, including:

Don’t forget to comment on the 2020 Christmas ornament from last week’s blog! Just in case there is something cuter, I am still searching Pinterest for the perfect DIY ornament to commemorate an unforgettable year! The gingerbread man will be hard to beat! Ideas, please!

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