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CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE & Variegated Floss Fun!

A while ago I picked up a new cross stitch kit, “Thanks Giving” by Glendon Place. It was during a break from the toxic relationship that the Tardis and I are involved in, that I began to stitch the new, fun, and rewarding project. It was a rocky start as I had not ever used variegated floss and became just a little frustrated. Fortunately, I was able to attend a Sit & Stitch at Golden Needle, my most favorite small business (outside of my own), and get instructions from Guru and store owner, Lisa. Now, I love it! Knowledge is power!

The four things that I learned about sewing with variegated floss:

  • Don’t “hoop start” the thread;

  • Cut your floss across the length you want and use the floss lined up together so it matches;

  • Sew one cross stitch at a time - don’t railroad (Lisa says it makes the cross stitch look murky);

  • I sew across the letter so it’s a line horizontally - if you want the thread variation going vertically, sew stitches going up and down.

Now, I found enjoyment in cross stitch again as the “Thanks Giving” kit’s distinct colors make working on it very easy—far different than the Tardis—especially as we drove to get Grandbaby #4. It was a fairly long trip that allowed me time to stitch to my heart’s content. Now that I am home, I am back to the “50 Shades of White”…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…Yes, Dory is talking in my head. And, “Thanks Giving” calls my name. I do not to listen to all of the voices. Just the ones that tell me what I want to hear.

While Grandchild #4 is here, I have been using child labor. Yes, I have. Not exploiting, mind you, but making use of her youthful dexterity and innocence. First, she cleaned up my Needle Minder boards. There was one little mishap when one of the boxes fell and spilled the Needle Minder tops on the floor. Fortunately, nothing broke; however, it was a tad bit disheartening having to pick them all up and sort them out! She is adept at using the label maker to make the box numbers and now it looks so pretty. I am one proud grandma! She picked her favorites too! Hers are Crazy Cat Lady, the Cactus family (because they are so cute) and Sailor Moon because she is watching it now.

If you have read my blog for a while you know that I also sell on eBay marketplace. I have three different stores – BloomingDaisiesCrafts Cross Stitch Accessories, another for miscellaneous items and, finally, one for the Nurses/Surgical caps. I listed a Nintendo print under the Nurses caps and they have been selling well. Then, I got an order and I could not find the fabric in my new warehouse/office anywhere. Argh! I was a tad bit frustrated but I wrote to the buyer explaining that I had ordered it from a source and that once I received it, I would sew it up and mail it out to her ASAP. I also offered her different print choices, of which I have many, and she chose the “Nightmare Before Christmas”! Now, due to my inability to find the fabric, the selection has grown! Well, will grow as soon as I the Nintendo fabric in. Anyway, look how cute Jack and Sally are! These make great gifts for any doctors, nurses, veterinarians, surgeons or anybody you know that would wear these caps! Look around and be sure to share our website with your friends.

Due to the aforementioned visit I didn’t get to do any new BloomingDaisiesCrafts product sewn. “Sorry, but not sorry” about that. We have been busy making memories. During the week, #4 and I did a lot crafting. Rosy and Bella enjoyed multiple hours of time watching #4 swim in the pool. They were like cats watching a fish swim. Then sometime in between the fun, Grandbaby #4 and I made a couple of new Needle Minders to post on BloomingDaisiesCrafts this week. I guess you can file that under “crafting”! One Needle Minder is an enamel Cheshire Cat face. Just look at that smile that made him famous! And the other is a new bat for our Halloween collection! Trying to keep the website fresh!

Today, my husband and I took some time off so the three of us hit the water on the boat. While Grandbaby #4 admitted to be a little afraid before we set out, in just a short time, her whole countenance changed with happy smiles, a lot of laughter, and big ideas on where we should go next. I am sure that we will be out on the boat a whole lot more during her next visit. Maybe she will be just like her grandpa and prefer boating to camping!

Saturday, #4, Grandpa and I we went to Shy Wolf Sanctuary. We were so excited to go. In January I made reservations for my husband and I. Yes, in January, Saturday, July 23, was the earliest opening they had! And then just last week they emailed me that they had a cancellation and there was an extra space! Hooray! We are so happy that a spot became available for the grandbaby!

Making memories and enjoying life! I hope you all are doing the same!

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