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We will return to our regular blog after a word from our sponsor! sites Halloween as the most decorated holiday. I am guessing that the answer may actually be Christmas. My thought is based on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts inventory. Christmas is “king” but Halloween/autumn/fall is a close second.

The fun Halloween fabrics make product decisions difficult but not impossible. Under BloomingDaisiesCrafts Grime Guard heading you will find a pleasing assortment of goodies! The newest fabric, Glow in the Dark Jack O Lantern, was a no brainer. Candy Corn is yummy and sweet—and is featured on two fabric patterns: Halloween Candy Corn and Filigree Candy Corn. Cartoon Mouse lovers will like the Mickey Halloween, while the Halloween Bat Pattern is reminiscent of the opening scene from Scooby Doo. Other cute patterns include a Halloween Trick or Treat and a limited supply of the Halloween Black Cat. BloomingDaisiesCrafts also has Day of the Dead Skulls and Skull/Halloween Grime Guards. Make sure to scroll down to see more patterns, such as the Halloween Ouija or Jack from Nightmare which may be more of a Christmas theme. Fall Grime Guards include Beautiful Fall Pumpkin and Fall Colored Paisley prints. And just for fun a Football Patterned Grime Guard is thrown in! Seriously, scroll through the selection of Grime Guards and score the winning pattern!

The QSnap/WIP Project Bags include many of the same fabrics as the Grime Guards, making it easy for you to purchase coordinating or matching sets. The Halloween Glow in the Dark has become a customer favorite. The Candy Corn-both Filigree and Halloween are available. The Haunted House is only available as a WIP Project Bag and pairs well with the Black Flower Grime Guard. BloomingDaisiesCrafts also has Nightmare Before Christmas, which again is questionable in its classification as Halloween or Christmas…

All of the above mentioned merchandise can be wrapped up in the brand new Basic Black Dust Cover with Halloween liner. The featured lining is somewhat like the Ouija fabric that has been so popular. However, please contact me if you would like to substitute your favorite Halloween fabric to line your Dust Cover. Just press the “Let’s Chat” button to talk with the one and only BloomingDaisiesCrafts owner!

If you think the selection of fabric goods is long, wait until you see the Needle Minders! I have gone somewhat crazy over these! Do not forget to accessorize!

  • Cute Bat

  • Halloqueen

  • Trick or Treat

  • Here for the Boos

  • Ouija Planchette - variety of 2 of these!

  • Skeleton Mermaid

  • Stay Spooky

  • Ghost Dog

  • Skull Cherries

  • Mickey Jack-o-Lantern - in Resin and Enamel

  • Snarky Love Halloween :)

  • Rhinestone Witch Spider

  • Minnie Rhinestone Witch

  • Witch Owl - Enamel

  • Bat Filigree

  • Ghost - such a cutie

  • Witch in Cauldron

  • Witch in Wine Glass

  • Basic Witch Enamel

  • Candy Corn

Some product may have been missed but that is enough plugging the BloomingDaisiesCrafts merchandise!

Most people will have already heard about the USPS “slowdown” even after there was a price hike. If not, you heard it here first! “Experts” are recommending that if you want to order something for Christmas - do it now. Reportedly, the USPS plans to use fewer airplanes and more trucks to move more mail. According to, “First-class package service (smaller, lightweight parcels): The Postal Service says 32% of packages will now be delivered in four to five days, with the longest distances having the longest timetable (such as between California and New York). The remainder (68% of packages) will still be delivered in two to three days.” So you know it will be longer than reported. That the implementation is happening at the beginning of the holiday season and just after a price increase is unconscionable. BloomingDaisiesCrafts tries to refund customers if the shipping costs are less than what was paid. If you want to order multiple items, your invoice will reflect the correct shipping costs. Order something now to see how this small business works with its customers!

Now, onto personal news: Again, we are ramping up for Halloween! My husband and I decorated our house this past week for Halloween. With the new house, we had to re-envision the decorations but we are definitely happy with the results. Seymour, the man-eating plant, required quite a bit of reconstructive work after the move. His loose teeth and wagging tongue had to be reattached. He was also “transplanted” because this original pot is still filled with plants from this season. And, although my hibiscus plant has not bloomed in a while, I do have hopes.

New inside decorations include Jack O Lantern placemats. I used the glow in the dark pumpkin material. Admittedly, they are for show, not for actual use; they are too cute! This is the closest I get to putting a face on a pumpkin. I do not like the idea of doing all that work for one night. Now, my sister does some really intricate pumpkin carving each year. She spends way too much time looking for Jack-O-Lantern patterns. Bless her heart!

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