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What I did on my summer StayCation!

Isn’t this how one starts off the new school year? I may not be in school but I had a sweet time on my mini vacation. As an adult, my idea of timing and fun activities is different from “teen” me. For starters, my husband and I started this staycation mid-week. Why? Because it is what worked best for us!

  • Our first excursion was a sunset dinner cruise in Naples, FL. We were fortunate that there no evening storms that night—a rarity in Florida this time of year. The sunset over the water was beautiful. We saw some gorgeous coastal homes and a pod of dolphins! That was an added bonus. Dinner was delicious, but I especially enjoyed the raspberry tart dessert!

  • Universal Studios with a heat index of 106…I started it off that way because it was HOT. The heat may have been bearable but the masks made it feel that much hotter. The park was not crowded and everyone did a great job of the social distancing. We drove 3 hours to get there, rode some rides, and then drove 3 hours home. The heat was too much. Fortunately, Universal offered to upgrade our one day tickets to Florida resident tickets. We chose to do so and can go back between now and Christmas Eve for free. We will definitely go back!

  • Golfing was on the agenda as well. I haven’t golfed in 15 years. Our tee time was 7am, for which I am eternally grateful. We only played 9 holes, used the “best ball” option which worked out well for us, and finished around 9 am. Even with the early start time and golfing half the course, I was “glowing” or “glistening” - whichever one is worse! LOL. Just know that my husband and I got our money’s worth per hole. We had a great time and plan to go more often than once every 15 years. Oh, and as this is Florida, we did observe some wildlife. We believe that it was an otter…not an alligator.

  • Dining out! In January, we had some new neighbors move in down the street. We’ve been talking about going to dinner together and were finally able to line up our schedules. The four of us went to a restaurant that none of us have been to yet. The food was great but the company was even better.

  • Sightseeing and souvenir collecting! We did drive to see things that piqued our curiosity in the past. My husband has wanted to visit a nearby place touting itself as a community of the future due to its use of solar energy. So we finally drove out there. They do a great job marketing it, but we weren’t impressed. As I said, places that piqued our interest…

  • And, fabric stores galore! My sweet husband accompanied me to fabric stores that aren’t my usual haunts. I visit them occasionally because they aren’t exactly close to home. (I have noticed that fabric stores are seeing diminished supplies of material and no supply of narrow elastic. I believe is due to mask making! This causes me to visit stores more often. I keep going back to see if they have anything and get what I can. Some of my top selling fabrics are getting low in quantity…Uh oh.) I was still able to find some “souvenir” material to add to my stash.

  • I also made a trip to my favorite stitching store: Golden Needle. It was a working holiday. I make wholesale product exclusively for that store. Lisa, the owner, suggested the newest “future project” bags! She loved the 3 sets of bags I took into her. I also restocked the store’s supply of grime guards. And browsed the store as well.

It may not seem like much or too glamorous, but it was so nice to do things at our leisure and enjoy some new, and not so new, activities. We took time to sit and watch the afternoon storms. We swam with the dogs a couple of times. We took time for us. We needed that little break. This year, especially, everyone needs one. I highly recommend taking a Staycation.

I hope you’ve had a great week and let me know if you need anything from me.

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