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Whoops, I did it again!

Like most “fabric addicts’, I promised myself that I would NOT purchase more new material for Grime Guards until I had worked my way through some of the BloomingDaisiesCrafts’ inventory…however, I just could not resist my latest discoveries!

The Bambi and Thumper print is a throwback to the “paint with water” books that were so popular so many years ago. But the popularity of these characters does not fade. So, here is the news for my Blog readers: the Bambi fabric was on clearance and I bought all the store had so once it’s gone, it’s GONE from the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website. Between the price, its cuteness, and exclusivity, I could not pass it by. (You know that I am justifying the purchase!)

After that last bout of artic air that plummeted the entire central part of the US into freezing temperatures, everyone is ready to hit the sunny beach in flip-flops and sunglasses! I cannot wait to add this to the BloomingDaisiesCrafts spring line! The bright yellow background with your “go-to” accessories will have you thinking you are at the beach or maybe planning your next vacation with your newest cross stitch kit and its matching accessories.

Speaking of vacations, my husband and I went on a Birthday Getaway with my BFF and her husband in Destin, Florida last week. We ate our way across Destin! The city has some great places to eat: McGuire’s Pub and the Donut Hole were two of our favorites. According to social media sites, most people that have been to Destin know these places, so I will add my personal recommendation to you, my readers!

As it was a vacation, I took the opportunity to open and begin a new cross stitch project on this trip. It is a fun Thanksgiving kit that, my girls assure me, won’t take me too long to complete. We will see. It is my first time using variegated thread. And a new adventure begins. From the beginning, I had to text my friend and “cross stitch guru”, Lisa from Golden Needle on the proper method when using variegated thread. Her instructions were easy to follow; however, I am not exactly thrilled with the row of gold that I am pointing to. So I will take this project with me to Sit’n’Stitch next Saturday to have Lisa help me. I love cross stitching but I’m definitely not an expert at it!

On the professional side, while I was on vacation and not near my businesses, I put everything on vacation mode. This included my eBay store (yes, I have one of those). It would accept sales with an extended shipping time. My eBay store doesn't have everything that my website has but it does well with sales! BloomingDaisiesCrafts had extended shipping time, too. Surprisingly, I made 15 sales while I was gone. As a small (or micro) business owner, that is pretty good for me! Thank you to everybody that continues to support my fabric and needle minder habit!

Never missing the chance to improve my business, I took the opportunity during the 9 hour roundtrip drive to work on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website. I am pleased with the progress as Grime Guards are nearly halfway complete in the effort to create uniformity of descriptions and shipping policy. I hope you can identify with this but I couldn’t work on it the whole pilgrimage. There were many “butterflies” or “something shiny” along the way…I mean, it was a vacation!

And for those of you following my slow progress on the Tardis project...I'm on page number 7 of 9 now!!! I can do it! I know I can!

So now that I am back, I am getting customer orders completed and shipped as quickly as possible, as well as hoping that on Friday, I can work on getting one of the new fabulous fabrics made into product! As a Blog reader, know that if you want anything out of any fabric not yet listed; do not be afraid to ask. If I get an order, it just makes me work that much faster to get the new fabric on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website!

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