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2020 New Product

The complete line of Needle Minders is almost all posted to BloomingDaisiesCrafts! Working on completing this first goal of 2020, then it will be time to move onto the next one—increasing our product line.

Blooming Daises will be posting a wider variety of dust covers in the coming months--check back often to see the new product. While they are called dust covers, think of them as “project saviors!” This nifty product allows your project to be protected while keeping it within reach. No need to hide it away when your current work is safely covered from dust or curious little fingers. Dust covers also work with cross stitch stands. Imagine how much more enjoyment you will have when you just open up the cover and pull your project out with the thread and instructions. And the progress you will make! Blooming Daisies makes ordering these wonders easy. You submit the dimensions of your scroll frame, and then a price is sent to you for approval. Once that is received, Blooming Daises sews your unique, custom order and mails it off in a short amount of time. Watch Blooming Daisies for a “soon to be posted” video of how to use dust covers and see how easy they are to use!

In the coming weeks, the Blooming Daises website will concentrate on increasing coordinating merchandise with the existing line. With potentially over 350 needle minders up, the product line of grime guards and Q-snap project bags will be expanding. Look for holiday favorites--Valentine (heart) and St. Patrick (clover)—as well as fun and new fabric for grime guards for our customers! Some matching or coordinating grime guards are available for products already online and, of course, custom orders are always welcome.

Project bags—these bags are handy for carrying your project in style! Blooming Daisies bags are made with sturdy fabric, fully lined and have multiple pockets to hold all of the tools of your “trade”. As any “craftperson” knows, quality tools make the work easy. The Blooming Daisies family is full of avid cross stitch fans and has done the homework to bring a superior product to the marketplace. Also, there is a large fabric inventory to choose from for ready to mail or custom orders. Please shop to see the existing product and beautiful fabrics just waiting to be sewn.

If you have any product you would like made up or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I am not afraid to say it is beyond my capabilities, but nine times out of 10, I can do it!

If you haven’t already followed our FB or Instagram accounts, please look for us there. I’m feeling a January contest in the works for the winter blues!

FB: BloomingDaisiesCrafts

Instagram: BloomingDaisiesCrafts

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