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Define “Work in Progress”

For a while I have been working to post “Work In Progress” (WIP) updates on the Blooming Daisies Crafts FB/IG accounts each Wednesday. Since going back to work full time, my WIP can look a bit different! Sometimes it is my actual cross-stitch project. However, lately I have also highlighted new product choices to post on the Blooming Daisies Crafts website. And, then again, this week’s WIP might be requesting customer input on which fabric should be featured for the Surgical Caps and Ostomy/Urostomy Bag Covers on my eBay store. I want to cover all of the bases as I am trying my hardest to continue to service all of my clients in few working hours. My dad would say, “I am as busy as a one-armed paper hanger”. Definitely not bored.

Just this weekend, I worked on a project completely out of my normal line of work. My brother has a jacket that he loves but at some point the jacket’s zipper had broken. He put the request for the zipper to be replace in the sibling group text. I took the first bite and ask for pictures. Feeling confident that I could handle it, I told him to mail it to me, which he did very quickly. This was a big indicator of how much he wanted it fixed. With all of my experience from sewing zippers in the Blooming Daisies Crafts product line, I was able to easily replace the zipper. As a bonus, I will pack it in my suitcase and deliver it when my sister and I fly to Phoenix to see him and his family this week. Bonus, bonus: I will have room in my suitcase on the way home for fabric should I find any when my sister and I go shopping!

Speaking of shopping, Blooming Daisies Crafts received some large orders post-Christmas. This week I am sewing 7, yes, I said 7, Dust Covers with matching Grime Guards for one customer. In a funny side note, like so many of us, that same customer had visited Joann Fabrics and fell in love with some fabric for a blanket. Well, she does not sew but knows someone that does! She sent in a request to Blooming Daisies Crafts to have a simple blanket sewn up for her. You know the Blooming Daisies Crafts tag line, right? We help bring your ideas to life! You will also see how my WIP’s keep changing?

My actual cross stitch WIP is coming along. I have made a critical decision on how I will move on the page of work the Gold Collection by Dimensions Holiday Harmony Wreath (8662). But it will be put on hold because I received the kit I purchased for the trip! It has been cut open to read the instructions in preparation for departure! My sister’s first question was, “Which one will you start with?” To which I answered, “The snowman!” She has spare plastic mesh that she is going to bring and we can work on them together. Hm, I wonder which one she will do first.

All of the WIP’s went on hold this past weekend when my husband and I finished up our Christmas gift giving. Our oldest grandson came down for a quick visit and to check an event off his “Bucket List.” My husband and I promised to take him to a professional hockey game at Christmas. We were able to make that happen when the Arizona Coyotes played the Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa Bay. On Thursday morning, #2, flew down and then the three of us drove up to Tampa for the game and then home-all on the same day. Although, the Coyotes lost the game, our grandson was elated as he was able to get his Coyote jersey signed.

As my husband and grandson were making their way back from the airport, I looked on the internet for information on how best to get a jersey signed by an NHL player. There were plenty of ideas, one being to make a sign. Easy enough! I got to work with my Sharpies and even printed an Arizona Coyote mascot to add to the signage: “I flew down from ATL today for this game! CLAYTON KELLER please sign my jersey?!!” The direct approach could not hurt, right?

We made the 2.5 hour drive and arrived at the arena early. I know all of the bad press regarding fans being rude, and, in some cases, brutal to the opposing fan base, but let me tell you, our experience was awesome. The workers at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay were so helpful. They directed us on where to stand so our grandson could “high five” the players as they took to the ice for pre-game practice. One of the Coyote trainers noticed the sign and spoke to Clayton Keller about signing the jersey. Mr. Keller made eye contact with our grandson and nodded. That same trainer asked for the jersey, brought it to the ice, got it signed and returned to us. I do not know if I have ever seen our grandson smile so big or so bright. He says now he’s going to frame that jersey. I feel our Christmas present was a major success.

I hope you are having a great week. Next blog will be an update on our visit to our “hometown” where we grew up!

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