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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everybody is having a good Thanksgiving.

First off, I will take the blame for this blog. I wrote it without sending it to my sister to tweak it. So you can see why I am thankful for her help!

Every year, my sister works at the wrapping booth in her local mall for the month of December. The woman that has that contract contacted her about wrapping gifts for foster kids. Of course, she said YES! She said they spent 3 hours wrapping 80 gifts for these kids and the hardest part of each of these kids lists is, they want a suitcase. This year when you decide to get rid of clutter and those extra suitcases, backpacks etc. you have, consider finding the local foster network and seeing if you can donate your extra suitcases etc to them. Children when being placed in foster care most times arrive at foster houses with just the clothes they are wearing. As they are given new clothes, tooth brushes, hair brushes and the necessities we take for granted, if they have nothing else to carry them in, they use black garbage bags. One of the things she wrapped was a homemade quilt.

Another way we try to show our appreciation locally is our snacks and drinks for our delivery people. This is the time we know our FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and our mail carrier. If you have them also, your lawn people or pool people. We put out snacks and drinks to thank them for their care thru the year.

We always love to hear how people express their gratitude to other people. Please let us know what you suggest so we can incorporate it into our traditions too!

And if you are ready to start shopping for a stitcher you know or for yourself, check out our site! We have a lot of what you need to accessorize your stitching project!

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