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Domino Effect

Side Note - This was written before my surgery and Hurricane Ian. Tune in next week for the next chapter...

Maybe you will remember that a couple of blogs (maybe more) ago, I was talking about the “domino effect”. It appears that with just the mention of this phenomenon, fate has lowered the boom on Blooming Daisies Crafts, in general, and me, in particular!

It started last Wednesday like any normal day. I was in my office innocently packaging up Blooming Daisies Crafts orders as well as items to ship that had sold in my eBay store. I happened to glance down and see the handle from one of my reusable bags on the floor. Almost as in what could possibly be called a premonition, I thought, “I should pick that bag up.”

Yes, it was just like the horror movies. You know what I am talking about. As the plot is unfolding and the music moves toward a crescendo, you have your eyes shut tight, are hugging the pillow, or perhaps yelling at the protagonist, “Get out!” or “Stop!” Even now, I can hear many of you thinking and even saying, “Uh-oh! I know how this ends!”

Anyway, I was putting orders together and I did not want to forget that bag. Focusing on the task at hand, I start to walk to my desk, forgetting about the bag handle. If I had tried to hook that handle with my foot, I would not have been able to. However, my foot, of its own volition, got caught in it and I was falling. As with most falls, the body acts reflexively, and mine did. I twisted to try to land better (I tell myself) but my foot failed to get the memo. I could tell by the position of my foot after landing and the way it felt that this was not just a little accident and I was not going to be able to walk it off. I called my husband with my phone even though he was in his office in the same house. Thank God! His response was immediate as was the decision to call 911. The wonderful EMTs immobilized my leg and I took my first ambulance ride.

At the hospital, X-rays showed I broke both lower leg bones at my right ankle. Even the orthopedic surgeon remarked that it was a bad break. And that it will require surgery. But first, the team put me under to reset the break. I was shocked at how much better my ankle felt after that. I mean no painkillers better. Unfortunately, the surgical calendar was full so I was transferred to another hospital for surgery on Friday. I took my second ambulance ride.

Friday morning weather started out much like my outlook and disposition: sunny and warm--this is Florida, after all. A surgeon came in early to discuss my case, so early that I was alone. (Thankfully, I thought to record everything for my husband.) Again, the doctor remarked on the severity of the break. And he was surprised when I mention that the pain is not bad. Really surprised. He explained the procedure that was scheduled for 11:30 that morning and excused himself to finish his rounds.

As the morning progressed, by husband came in and viewed the video. Mentally, I was psyching myself up for the surgery. As the time neared for surgery prep, a nurse came in and started talking to me about how I would need to care for my leg at home. Whoa! “I am due to be taken back for surgery soon,” I explain. Not so. Apparently, the surgeons took into consideration the low level of pain and gave the X-rays and CT scan that had been done after the bones were reset a good look. The decision was made to send me home to allow the swelling to go down prior to the surgery.

At this time, my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27. The long term outlook is that I will spend at least 2 weeks in a splint, 4 weeks in a cast, and another 6 weeks in a walking boot. Not exactly the end to 2022 that I had planned! Next week may be a good time to review my New Year’s Resolutions!

Despite all the drama and turmoil, I have decided to make lemonade out of these lemons! As my husband has to travel for business on a couple of occasions, I have welcomed the opportunity to have my daughter stay with me one week and then have my sister come stay with me for a week soon after. As an added bonus, the second business trip is to our hometown of Phoenix and the plan is for my husband to bring “a taste of home” home. Yes, on the night of his return, we will be feasting on “3-way Burros” from a local Phoenix favorite: Carolina’s Mexican Food! My sister and I love Carolina’s!

So for now you may have guessed, orders may be slower to be fulfilled as I need to figure out how to sew with my left foot - challenge accepted! I will be working on product but things are moving slowly in a different direction! I appreciate your support! Thank you!

On a side note, the “weather guessers” are starting to make noise that Tropical Depression Nine, catchy name by the way, may have southern Florida in its sights for Tuesday and/or Wednesday of next week. This could definitely affect my surgery. No, no, no!!! Again, stay tuned….

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