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Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! Daylight Savings Time, not so much!

It was a busy week. Daylight Savings Time switch, Golden Needle’s Sit N Stitch, and St. Patrick’s Day, were all rolled into seven days. Honestly, growing up in Phoenix, AZ, I never dealt with DST. And in that context, ignorance is bliss. Even though I moved from Phoenix to the east coast many years ago, I don’t understand the concept and find that it takes me many days to adjust. The girls make the time change in record time. My sister’s Labrador, Posey, starts anticipating it weeks in advance—she is a food driven dog. Sunday was “”Posey Appreciation Day” and was celebrated by feeding her one hour early. It is actually celebrated every day until DST ends. And then the “Dark Days” begin anew.

The “Sit N Stitch” event at the Golden Needle was a success! Not that I know more about variegated thread, but that a bunch of needlecrafters were able to sit, stitch, and visit with one another. A great time was had by all and we are looking forward to the next one!

Ironically, while I was sitting, stitching, and enjoying myself, I received a product request from a customer in Northern California via email for the BloomingDaisiesCrafts eBay site. I responded that I was at a “Sit N Stitch” and would post the listing once I got home. Now, I am not familiar with the COVID restrictions in all the states—only those close to me and states that my family live in—but, she said they used to have a “Sit N Stitch” once a month in her home, 10am to 3pm. It seems that event was well choreographed. One person would pick up pre-ordered lunches at Panera Bread, the hostess would fix tea, and another volunteer would bring a homemade dessert. The participants practiced a variety of different techniques and there was a lot of teaching and coaching going on. My customer said in her “younger days” she taught needlepoint, hardanger, Blackwork, and some Brazilian embroidery. She was trained via Embroiders’ Guild of America (EGA) where she also served on the National Board and American Needlepoint Guild where she was the local president for 8 years. To her credit, she has won multiple awards and has also been published in EGA annual publications. I would LOVE to go to her “Sit n Stitch”!!! And, I forgot to ask her about the variegated thread….

Next month, with Lisa back in attendance, I am taking my variegated floss project to pick her brain. Hopefully, these “Sit N Stitch” get-togethers can get back to normal sometime soon. In the meantime, we will just “Stay Calm and Stitch On” at our projects, enjoy our on-line camaraderie, and attend our fun, crazy class.

Speaking of stitching on, I’m hoping that at the time of publication, I will be on Page 8 (of 9) of instructions for the Tardis project! Nope, I didn't make it. There is progress but not finished with page 7 yet...Can you hear the inside of my head saying, “I think I can, I think I can…”? For all my readers that are products of the eighties or, like me, have “products of the eighties”, you will appreciate that the refrain isn’t “This is a project that never ends, it just keeps on and on, my friend!”

Now that I have planted that earworm, you’re welcome.

On BloomingDaisiesCrafts, I finally have some newly sewn product to share on the website! The “Flip Flop Fun” Grime Guards, WIP and Project Bags are up! I chose to line the cheery yellow print with the complementing aqua blue heart fabric. While the sunny background, flipflops, and sunglasses (swimsuits are optional!) are enough to remind you of spring break or summer vacation, I decided to “just add water”! I cannot wait to start my Dimensions “Christmas Beach Chairs” counted cross stitch kit that was a gift from Daughter #2. Once I choose just the right Needle Minder (or three) it will be a fun, beachy theme and match my year around Florida vacation life!

Also while you are browsing BloomingDaisiesCrafts, look for the new Needle Minders!

  • For all you cat lovers: with an affectionate nod at the Corgi Lover Needle Minder, one of BloomingDaisies favorites, this glittery enamel Needle Minder features the twinkle light entangled kitty’s backside. Twinkle lights are not just for Christmas anymore and neither is this Needle Minder!

  • Choose your favorite Gnome from the three (or buy all 3). Aqua/Yellow, Winter-Blue, or the Heart/Love Gnomes are filed under Needle Minders, Miscellaneous and are tagged with the pink “New Arrival!” banners.

  • Don’t forget that BloomingDaisiesCrafts also carries Mini Needle Minders. They may be small in stature but they do the same quality work of their full sized counterparts. The Ink Spot and Walking Bomb are timeless and fun!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts should be introducing new Project Bag into the mix soon. It started with a customer suggestion and after a melding of our minds, I produced a bag for not only needle crafting (cross stitch, needlepoint, etc.) but also for knitting and crocheting. This may be the go-to bag when you want to take your project with you! R&D is checking out the laundry care but it should be machine wash/line dry! Keep checking back to see what magic happens when customers want something and we work together!

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