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New Product and Finishing A GOT Contest!

Welcome back after Memorial Day weekend! Hope you had a nice weekend. We have been busy in the last couple of weeks. Pink seemed to be the theme of most of the new product! We have a new rose flower pattern for the grime guards, a scrolling brown pattern and our cute pig grime guards and q-snap bags - Also, when we did the Dr. Who Throwback Thursday, I hadn't finished the Q-snap bags with the newest pattern - it's now done and pictured! As many of you know our Throwback Thursday product is to finish up products from our Etsy account and getting them out of inventory! Get them before they are completely gone!

We are also finishing up our GOT contest - Prize includes an 11x11 q-snap bag, matching 11x11 grime guard and 3 GOT needleminders. See our previous contest blog for that option! Drawing is May 29th, 2019 so hurry and enter!

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