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New This Week! And Yeah for New This Week!

At the urging of my sister, I took some time to work on some new product for BloomingDaisiesCrafts. “Campground Roadie” is the newest introduction to Grime Guards and Q-Snap Bags, which has inspired me to work on the WIP matching bags. With an array of trailers, truck campers and RVs printed on a rich red background, this is for you campground enthusiasts!

Son #3’s family are part of that camping culture, so much so that he built a trailer designed for the outdoor adventure needs of his little family. His wife @moderndaymaker decked it out it with color and textures that will make the people in the next campsite envious! It is the perfect fit for their family: form and function meets interior design that is “magazine ready”. It is crazy cute and has personality plus.

Growing up, my family didn’t do much camping, per se. As a military brat, I can remember spending nearly every summer vacation at a campground outside of Flagstaff, AZ. Mom and Dad would pack up our family of six in a car that seated six and fill the trunk with all the necessities for a five day stay in a single wide trailer, this is NOT to be confused with “glamping”. As kids, we barely saw the inside of that trailer; we were so busy exploring the amenities (playground, pine trees, and a small “creek” when it rained). There was the occasional excursion: a trip to the local grocery store or maybe a visit to a state park but in truth, we enjoyed the cooler temperatures, the green flora--so different from Phoenix, and the chipmunks that would visit the picnic tables for a free meal.

It was just recently that I learned that my husband, whose family loved to camp, is actually a beach/water lover—not that camping and beaches are mutually exclusive, mind you. But in the democracy of his family, majority ruled—which meant woodsy camping. Now that we live in Florida, he is living his childhood dream. I do not know if I have a preference, mountain living or the beach life style, and now BloomingDaisiesCrafts customers in both camps are represented: “Campground Roadie” or “Flip Flop Fun”! Check them out in Grime Guards and Q Snap/WIP Project Bags.

New Nursing Caps!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts got a customer request for a blue glittery nurse/surgical cap. I was happy to fill the order with this dark blue fabric with the sparkly butterflies and, as a bonus, produced a second set to list on the website. (Be on the lookout for the new Minion print!) This line is good for all healthcare workers /caregivers—even veterinary clinics. Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors. They make great gift ideas for many front line personnel. And as always, if you have a special order you need filled, remember that at BloomingDaisiesCrafts, we help bring your ideas to life!

While you are looking in the “More” merchandise offered through BloomingDaisiesCrafts, please notice the Mint Green w/Apricot Flowers scissor holder for your ORT jar just dropped this week! When you are looking to organize and keep all of your tools with reach, the scissor holder, placed on the jar of your choice, is in the natural progression of accessories. It is available in a wide variety of fabrics!

Keeping scrolling to see the wildly useful and practically priced Lip Balm Holders. These are the perfect accessory to keep your lip balm readily accessible during these dry summer months. Pictured in 45 different fabrics, finding one or four to suit your personality is simple! Buying multiples and attach one to your purse, backpack, and/or keyring. Again, they are great gifts for family members, especially students.

Sprucing up the new digs!

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