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Scroll Rod, Hoop, or Q-Snap for your Projects?

Recently, I have been seeing Facebook postings on different feeds, people asking for recommendations for cross stitch “hardware”: scroll rod, hoop, or Q-Snap. In keeping with the trend, I put a posting on the Blooming Daisies Crafts FB and Instagram accounts asking about what people prefer. I got responses in favor of all three formats. Various reasons as well. Some very experienced cross stitchers use each type. As stated above, it is all about personal preference.

My niece began her stitching journey with a large kit purchased from a major retailer. She bought a scroll rod and her mother, my sister, helped her to get it all set up. Then my niece made a mistake and rather than frog the piece, she put it away. She was very discouraged. A few years later, she found a pattern that she liked online and purchased everything separately: cloth, DMC floss, and a hoop. I say all this because, my niece associates a bad experience with that scroll rod and is now faithful to her hoops. Personal preference.

Again, it may be that beginners start with few smaller, inexpensive projects. But, more experienced crafters enjoy hoops as well. My one friend uses a hoop for all of her projects. She likes the tension on the fabric versus handheld stitching. Hoops take up less space when they are not in use (I guess as they are being used too!), come in a large variety of sizes, and are also less expensive. And, when finished correctly, can be used to frame and display the completely project.

Q-Snaps also have a large contingency of fans. Personally, my sister's experience with them was less than stellar. The fabric was stretched out of proportion when I clipped it in. It was probably “User error”. However, one of my FB friends says she likes the Q-Snaps because of the level of fabric tautness she can achieve, and that it is easier for her to have the overlapping fabric there. Lastly, she says Q-Snaps are easier for her to hold. Interestingly, my sister often got cramps in her hands when I used Q-Snaps. The hoops are thinner and easier for her to hold. Personal preference.

Finally, scroll rod frames. If you like having a large field of stitching within view, this format is, I believe, your top choice. Like hoops and Q-Snaps, they come in a variety of sizes. When I am working on a large project, the frame actually rests on the arms of my recliner and I do not have to hold it up. Most of my projects are on scroll rod frames. I have room to store them and Blooming Daisies Crafts Dust Covers for protection. The newer scroll frames also come with a PVC part to hold your design tauter. I use magnetic cable ties to hold my design on the sides, as well. Scroll rods are my personal preference.

No matter what your personal preference is, Blooming Daisies Crafts has products, including Grime Guards, WIP Project Bags, Dust Covers, and Needle Minders, to make your cross stitching more enjoyable! Just 23 more days until Christmas! You still have time to get gifts ordered and sent to you in time for the big day!

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1 Comment

Dec 05, 2022

I also like the scroll rod frames and thanks you your advice I too use the magnetic cable ties to keep it all taught. Thanks to you for that advise. It really helps. Love the scroll rod frames. I also have your dust covers in several sizes and you have never disappoint me when I get them in the mail. 😆

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