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Storing Future and Current WIP’s

I know this will shock you but my future WIP’s are not all organized like I know they should be. In writing this, I did put them in better order and used some of BloomingDaisiesCrafts product to keep things together!

Customers have asked, “What is the difference between a WIP Bag and a Q-Snap Project bag?” The answer is pretty simple: the WIP bag is for your projects of future greatness that you have not begun to stitch. These bags can fit folded fabric, floss, as well as the instructions. They are not large enough to fit frames or hoops. These bags include a “window” to see the contents. BloomingDaisiesCrafts WIP bags come in a large range of everyday (Flip Flop Fun) and seasonal (Vintage Truck w/ Black Red Check) fabric patterns. You will find them in two sizes: large, 13x10 and small, 11x8.

Conversely, the Q-Snap Project Bag conveniently contains the paraphernalia for the project you are stitching at this time. Sizes 11x11 or 11x17, allow you to store the framed project, in either Q-Snaps or “most” hoops; instructions; thread rings, etc. This bag has no “window” as to hide the project from prying eyes. And, again, BloomingDaisiesCrafts has a variety of fabrics to choose from. These bags are so pretty that you may choose a pattern to match your everyday décor (see the colorful Succulent Q-Snap Bag) or a seasonal favorite (Famous Snowman).

For those of you that would like the same conveniences of the Project Bag, but are using a scroll frame – I recommend a BloomingDaisiesCrafts Dust Cover. With your work stretched on the frame, the instructions and floss can be stored behind the project inside the Dust Cover, keeping your precious WIP safe from prying eyes and, of course, dust! Right now, I have a project in a Dust Cover (Vintage Christmas Advertising with matching Grime Guards, as pictured below) and a WIP in a Q-Snap Project Bag (Pink Pigs) sitting by my stitching area.

Speaking of Dust Covers, a “standard size” Dust Cover is the width of your scroll rods (two dowels) and 24” long to wrap around your WIP, (again see the picture below). Most, but not all, work on scroll frames would be covered by this size. So let’s review how to measure for a Dust Cover. First, measure the width of your scroll rods (those would be the two dowels holding your cloth) between the side spacers. Next, measure the distance around the scroll rods. In the picture, that measurement would be 22 inches. Please press the “Let’s Chat!” button to talk with me about questions or concerns prior to ordering. Also note: BloomingDaisiesCrafts Dust Covers are made in the USA with sturdy fabric and interfacing for better stability.

This weekend is Halloween—time for my sister to carve some Jack-o-Lanterns! This is one of her favorite activities and she does a nice job! Parents have used them for photo ops with their little ones. Each year she had a couple of fun ones. As in past years, I will share pictures next week of her creations. Oh wait - here it is! Winner for 2021!

Like many of you, my husband and I are wondering about Trick or Treaters. We are in the new house this year so we do not have any history to fall back on. I may have to keep a count of the number of kids that come by. I hope that there are quite a few. I love seeing the little ones and appreciate those that have homemade costumes that needed imagination and creativity—like when I was a kid. How many of you, like me, dressed up as a Hobo when you were young? Good times! Since this isn't getting published until after Halloween...We had no trick or treaters. :(. I did get to visit with some of our neighbors though.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and let me know if you are interested in anything new or special sized!

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