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“What do you do with your finished projects?”

I get asked this question quite frequently. Most of my finished projects are for my own personal display: they hang in my home or are waiting in the holiday rotation. I have pictures in nearly every room including a hummingbird trio that hangs on a prominent wall in my home—and has in every home since they were stitched and framed. I switch the everyday décor when fall comes around to Halloween to Thanksgiving and, finally, to Christmas. Somewhere I read, and I am paraphrasing this, “Buy what you love and will look good anywhere in your home.” I think it applies to displaying your cross stitch—“Stitch what you love…”

I have finished some projects and given them to friends and family. The most recent cross stitch project I gave away was Dimensions Gold Collection Counted Cross Stitch kit, “Santa’s Secret” on 18-count Aida. My husband and I were moving from Georgia to Florida and I needed something to keep me busy. As much as I love that kit, and it does look awesome, my daughter LOVES it. This gift is much appreciated.

This question goes beyond needle crafts, though. I have pieced a number of quilt tops over the years and continue to sew them on occasion. The latest creation is for Brittany and her husband. It was started three years ago, just as BloomingDaisiesCrafts was launched. It is on my list to be completed in 2020. Brittany has been quite patient but is anticipating the final product. I have been given an incentive to finish it as I have another granddaughter due in October. My self-imposed rule is that I must finish this one before I can work on the little one.

With the cross stitch, quilts or any handmade, personal piece of artwork, some recipients value the time and effort while some people do not appear to be as appreciative. I have to admit that I’m not the fastest cross stitcher so I don’t have as many completed projects as those that have been at it for multiple years. However, like everyone that gives a gift, I would like the actual item to be appreciated. My favorite response when I asked if the child was using the quilt, the new mom said, “Oh heck no, that quilt is hanging up on the wall!” Much appreciation.

However, we have all had people that look at what we do and have no understanding of the time and effort their gift took. Which begs the next question: How do you handle it when your gift is not appreciated? Can you just shrug your shoulders and be okay with it? Do you ask for the gift back? (I don’t know that I could do that unless somebody really ticked me off.) I look forward to your comments!!

Update on my granddaughter’s cross stitching: I talked to her yesterday and asked how it was going. She said: “I was sewing on my way home and made a mistake (we can all understand this) and I tried taking it out with my needle and it wouldn’t work so I used my scissors (you know where I’m going with this) and cut my fabric a little. Mommy says she won’t buy me more fabric so I am starting my other cross stitch pattern.” Mommy cleared up that she told her to practice on the torn fabric and it’s barely torn.

Update on my WIP - trying to finish my penguins in the bath. Even though I used the arrows at the top and bottom of the kit, I am afraid that it’s not centered. On the bright side, I might have to stitch fewer penguins. So, I might give it away and start a new one on 18-count so it more matches my Penguins in my front entrance. I just have to think of someone that will appreciate it.

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