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2020 New Years Resolutions - Yep I’m One of Those!

1. Continue to lose weight - in 2019, I started daily tracking and walking. The walking really helped take off the weight. I’ve lost 10 pounds and not going looking for them! But when I say walking, I mean walking. I average around 28,000 steps a day. Yes, you read that right. So now we go to Resolution

2. Strength Training - I’ve heard this really helps with the metabolism and weight maintenance for women of a “certain age”. I do this occasionally now but want to do a more scheduled regiment…

3. Activity outside - We moved to Florida thinking we’d be more active outside and then life and ruts set in. I have a list on my board in front of my desk with ideas of things to do. They include kayaking (since we own a double kayak and have only used it twice), bikes that are hanging in our garage. From the looks in our garage we look like active outdoorsy people…It gets so easy to fall back into your regular ruts so I’m challenging us to get outside. :)

4. Regular Blooming Daisies Blogs - I’m pretty sporadic with these too. I find it hard to write blogs. My sister, Kim, has now agreed to make my blogs more fun for my readers! Did I ever say I love my sister?

5. Last - enjoy life! I’m reaching that milestone of 60 this year. I was getting overwhelmed thinking of what I would do when I retire. My husband said, you’ll do what you’re doing now but not work your other job…Sometimes, you just need the reminder!

Anyway, I’m not making a long list. I just want reminders that I can get back on them whenever I get back into my rut and they aren’t resolution failures, they’re resolution restarts!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Make this new year - new decade what you want it to be. Enjoy life. Remember, we only have this one!

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