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Getting Settled

We are almost at the point of being settled in (the move is now in the distant past) so the trips to the store are not happening every night after work. Hallelujah! I fear that our local Home Depot will be sending the police over for welfare visits. I do expect a heartfelt Christmas card from the store manager-maybe personally signed by all the employees. Forget the PRO parking spaces in the front, soon I expect valet parking. But, with each excursion we are quickly knocking things off the list but we are also getting to the part of the list with more expensive projects. Cha-Ching! These will have to wait until the dust settles and we know where our finances are. In the Dave Ramsey mindset: take a deep breath and say Debt Snowball at warp speed - hopefully!

Tonight, as we have no shopping trips on the agenda, I plan to cook on my new stove and savor it. Lately, deciding what to cook (or order) for dinner has been such a hassle. I have seen the meme, “Who knew that the most difficult part of growing up would be deciding what’s for dinner every night!” Soon, I will bring out my meal calendar and start planning the menu for the week. Themes are the norm for dinners, i.e.: Pasta or Italian, Mexican food, Easy (usually Monday), or maybe a Slow Cooker/Instant Pot meal. On most Saturdays, my husband and I go to Outback Steakhouse for the Chicken Cobb salad (don’t be haters here! Just believe me--it’s delish) and maybe Thursday or Friday we spoil ourselves with pizza or another eat out dinner at a local restaurant to support the small business owners. Sunday night supper/dinner, I might make a meal or heat up leftovers depending on BloomingDaisiesCrafts orders that need to be sewn and mailed out.

But, by far, the favorite theme is “Breakfast for Dinner”! And, it is not just me; my siblings feel the same! Growing up, our dad was not really fond of it but when he worked that weird 3rd shift delivering USPS Special Deliveries, we had breakfast for dinner quite often! Sometime along the way, we convinced our younger brother that he made the best pancakes so he made them for us quite often. And truth to tell, they were pretty darn good. This is not his recipe but my sister swears by this one that was printed on the back of the Bisquik box long ago.

Ultimate Pancake Recipe

2 cups Bisquik

1 cup milk

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 T lemon juice

4 tsp sugar

2 tsp baking powder

Stir ins:

1 cup blueberries

1 cup mashed bananas*

½ cup mini chocolate chips

1/3 cup toasted coconut

1/3 cup granola

¼ tsp cinnamon and nutmeg

1 cup chopped peaches w/ ¼ tsp nutmeg

Measure the Bisquik into a medium bowl; make a well in the center. Add the other ingredients into the Bisquik bowl and stir until just blended (expect some lumps). Gently stir in your favorite “Stir In”. Let rest for 3-5 minutes. Pour 1/3 cup batter rounds onto a hot griddle and cook until the edges are dry. Turn; cook to a golden brown. Batter cannot be made ahead. Cook pancakes and refrigerate leftovers.

*My favorite Stir In

How do you plan your meals and find time to stitch? If you have a helpful suggestion or a recipe you don’t mind sharing, please send the information on to me. If you see it posted here, you will receive full acknowledgement.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts news for this week: another traveling Cross Stitch Bag for my friend/customer is in production. The bags are so cute and versatile but I cannot list them (yet) because the bag is basically a prototype due to the fabric-- she sent the material so I can make it uniquely for her. Yes, that is an option. But the bags can only be posted on the

BloomingDaisiesCrafts website with in-stock fabric. Soon, I hope, they will be put up on the website, but you know how that goes: the customer (orders) comes first. Also, this customer feels these bags also work well with a smaller accessory bag (featured on a few of my listings - Tardis for one) and she likes an ORT Jar tool belt! Whew! Another friend/customer wants 8 different grime guards out of the Mint Green w/Apricot flowers. So that has kept me busy too!

Pattern Keeper update-still researching. I am an Apple girl and Pattern Keeper is not. The good news is that they are working to remedy that!!! I want to get the Beta version so I can try it out. Can you say early adopter? My friend, Kellie, an Android user, is trying it out that version and loves it. Anyone else out there? Let me know your thoughts!

The Tardis project is still a work in progress! And look at my newest African Violet!!! Isn't it cute! I have extended my declared deadline to Christmas 2021 as I do not think a year was specifically mentioned. I would really love to have it completed it by August 31--have I just challenged myself! Um, challenge accepted… Do you do that? Especially when you are not really excited about the project you are working on? I just know it needs to get it done. I do not want it buried with me.

Finally, I am still taking the “Vacation shipping” blurb off my website. One would think that it could be with a single action but that is not the case. A little bit here and a little bit there. Slow and steady. There is a fear that once I have completed that task, it will be time to put a new one up! Live and learn; I won’t do it the same way next time.

Now that summer is here, I’m hoping you are getting some vacation time to do what you want to do including cross stitching. As for me, I am here getting settled in.

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