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New! New! New!

The new fabric has arrived! Yes, the travels of the shipped fabric has ended. (See last week’s blog for the misadventures of the missing package!) Its journey was complete when it finally landed on the doorstep at the new address last Monday. I am happy to report that I love all three prints!!! The

struggle now is to get the product made so it can be posted in a timely fashion. BloomingDaisiesCrafts has a rule to not post pictures of available fabric until product is made. I made an exception with the nurse/surgeon caps but not with the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Cross Stitch accessories. It is important to see the scale of the print in relation to the finished item. Here is a little sneak peek for you Blog readers! Look how cute the prints are! Which one do you think should be sewn first?

New Product!

New “Another Minion Nurse/Surgeon Cap” - What a fun print! (Hint: “another” alludes to maybe an existing Minion cap!) If you know a nurse/doctor/veterinarian or any healthcare provider that is searching for well-made, more uniquely individualized head coverings, be sure to pass the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website address along to them. This product can be found under the “More” heading. Drop down to “Nurse Caps” for a selection of fun prints to suit many personalities or solid colors for people that prefer them.

Be on the lookout for some new Needle Minders! I ordered some cute ones with me and my sister in mind but they truly are universal. I promise that they will be put up upon delivery! Blog readers will be able to spot them and probably assign them to one or the other of us! One of the recent postings, the Sea Horse, is becoming a best seller. It is larger than the usual Needle Minder and the colors are so beautifully vibrant! I think it is a favorite of the beach crowd and the stitchers that enjoy bright jewel tones.

New House Dilemma! We are not remodeling, just refreshing. The latest plan is to finish painting the living room and then move into my office (cue angels singing), however, my husband pointed out that all “refreshing” will be on hold due to a wonderful visit from grandchild Number 4! The days will be filled with fun activities including swimming, baking, and crafting—oh my! And as such, the implements of home improvement will be sitting idle for that week! But it will be well worth it! I have been furiously working to finish the last of the painting in the living room so I can begin next week in the office. I definitely hear angels singing! Once that is started, there will be too many important decisions to keep me from hurrying through that area. The anticipation and excitement keeps building.

A funny thing happened on the way to painting the ceiling. I am happily painting the ceiling that I did not plan to paint (imagine humming along to my favor tunes with Alexa) when I notice that I cannot tell where I have painted and have not painted. And after an overnight break to let the wet paint dry and give my shoulders a rest, I notice the next morning that the ceiling is two different colors again! Is this like the door in Amityville Horror that would change back to its original color? No, it is just a shadow on the ceiling that appears during a certain time of day. I will have to remember not to look up before noon. Or allow guests to look up before noon. Maybe install some uplighting?

Not so new Tardis progress: It is still slow going but I have been given the forward momentum I have needed by seeing progress. This elephant is not very tasty but I will persevere by taking one bite at a time! At Sit and Stitch last week, I rewarded myself by stitching on the “Thanks Giving” by Glendon Place. (Now that I have knowledge on sewing with the variegated thread, it is fun!) It is a difficult decision every time I sit down at home to make myself finish Tardis before picking up “Thanks Giving” in my recliner. Slow and steady!

New mailbox! Just last week, I installed a new and improved mailbox at the curb so I do not have to run to the post office every business day. However, the second day with it and I was driving to the post office. sigh. It looks so much better and is sturdier, as well! Soon it will perform to its potential! For a little added fun, the inside is decorated with Minion stickers! I hope my mailman appreciates the decor as much as I appreciate him/her picking up BloomingDaisiesCrafts orders every day! The planter part has rocks right now but I have plans to remove those, refresh the soil and fill it with plants that will complement the new beautiful mailbox. Take a look around the website and see if I can put something new in the mail for you!

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