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Spring Break

I live in Florida which means that spring break is the entire month of March. Thankfully, the area I reside is not where college kids flock to. This was not by accident. My husband and I chose to retire to an area of Florida that our children and their families would visit. (And we would not have to worry about being overrun by other peoples’ kids.) We like that. We like having that time to spend with individuals--our son that is single or one grandchild that is wanting “one on one” time with us--or having the whole “fam-dam-ily”!

Next week we will be hosting our daughter and her family. Last year, her daughter, Grandchild Number 4, spent almost a week with us. She started cross stitching during that time. I had a lot of fun getting her set up in her new hobby. She also took the time to organize the Blooming Daisies Crafts Needle Minders. She was such a great help! This spring break, with the additional family members, we figure that there will be more time spent on the water and a lot more sightseeing. I am hoping that the local wildlife will show itself on the land (burrowing owls), in the air (maybe a bald eagle), and in the water (dolphins or manatees). Even if we do not see any of those animals, the girls, Rosy and Bella, will be here to entertain Grandchild Number 4 and her brother, Grandchild Number 2. My husband and I have talked to Rosy and Bella and made it clear that the wildlife stays outside; no more opossums in the house! And, no, the kids do not count as wildlife!

How about you are your family? Did you or do you have spring break plans? I am not sure we have any plans to travel this spring. But that is okay as I am enjoying my view of the water. Cross stitch wise, I have been making slow progress on my Holiday Harmony Wreath (Dimensions 08662) and may just switch to my Christmas Beach Chairs (Dimensions 70-08948) WIP. Why? Because, I can! It is a design by Susan Winget and was a gift from the daughter that will be visiting. She knows and appreciates that her dad and I have embraced the beach life. Looking at this kit, I can easily see it hanging on my wall year-round.

As you travel, maybe headed to the beach…are you prepared to take along your latest WIP? I know that a lot of stitchers tend to carry their precious cargo in Ziploc bags which is perfect until it is mistaken for a trash bag or, even worse, an airline barf bag. Blooming Daises Crafts carries a full line of Project and WIP bags in a variety of fun prints! Check out Blooming Daisies Crafts “Flip Flop Fun” in Q-Snap Project Bags! Perfect to beat Spring Fever, “Flip Flop Fun” features various patterned footwear and classic sunglasses in eye popping colors with a sandy yellow background. (This fabric is also available as WIP bags and Grime Guards.) Find a print (or two) that matches your style, fills you with a feeling from a favorite season, or complements your latest and greatest project.

Finish off your ensemble with a Needle Minder to keep those needles contained! Here are some fun beachside examples:

Octopuses/Kraken in aqua, red, green, white, or black

If you love flamingo's, just type in flamingo in the search place and see what fun items come up!

Easter is just a short time away. Do not forget to order your Needle Minders to brighten up your spring time work as well. Blooming Daisies Crafts uses rare earth magnet that are small and powerful and can also be used as refrigerator magnets or filing cabinets.

Easter Bunny/Rabbit

Easter Ballerina Bunny

Aqua Polka Dot Easter Egg

Patchwork Easter Egg w/Bee - probably my favorite Easter needle minder

Peaking Easter Bunny

Rhinestone Easter Bunny

Funny Bunny

We even have fun Easter caps for nurses, doctors, technicians - anybody that wears them! Check out the Snoopy cap! I have a nurses caps store on ebay! Check it out!

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