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Turn the Page. Sing it Bob Seger!!!

I finished a page! Yes, you are reading this right! The first page of my Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs WIP has been completed! While it might not seem much to you avid stitchers, to me it is a (long time coming) accomplishment! Now it is time to get going on the next page while the momentum is high so I might have it done before my end of September (2022) deadline. You may remember a mention for the end of August but in all honesty - that was not going to happen! But we all must celebrate the victories, no matter the size and start on the next page.

My sister sends me pictures of the Gnome Sweet Gnome every other day or so. Recently she has been babysitting my niece’s Corgi puppy (and Winnie’s “half-sister by the same mister”? Is that a thing?), and the Corgi cuddle time has taken a hit, but the cross stitch time has definitely increased. Look how cute it is! At this time there are a few more pops of color that she is working on while starting the outlining! Cross stitch multi-tasking! While the wood is much different than other softer fabric/plastic mediums, it will allow versatility in displaying the Gnome. Once complete, it will take a place of honor on the wall of her sewing room, right behind her machine. As it is the April Gnome Sweet Gnome, it would also be the perfect ornament on an Easter tree.

On the Blooming Daisies Crafts website, the new Mario and Luigi Q-Snap Bag are now available. Just like the game that originated so long ago and only grown in popularity, the print is colorful and fun! Gamers that stitch, or those that stitch for gamers, will enjoy using this bag while working on a Nintendo stitching pattern, perhaps! Blooming Daisies Crafts is always looking to introduce new product to keep the website or eBay store current! If you have not already done so, find us on FB or IG to keep up to date on the newest product!

August has been an eventful month on the home front and we are only five days in! Apparently, our dogs have taken it upon themselves to adopt a new pet—one that only comes out at night. It has been mentioned in prior Blooming Daisies Craft blogs how Bella and Rosy have brought opossums in through the doggy door. Apparently, we have one living in our home now. It, I dare not name it, was living undetected until I went into our guest bathroom on Tuesday to find items that had been knocked off the counter and a small poo in the shower. I guess the girls found an opossum that is semi-potty trained. My husband thought to review the footage from our Ring cameras and saw its little glowing eyes on Monday’s video at 1:30 am. Also featured in the footage were the girls. They had left our bedroom and appeared to sniff around an area where the animal had been. No hunting instinct in either one of them. Tuesday afternoon, I visited the local hardware store and got a live trap. My husband and I researched and debated popular opossum cuisine, and then baited the trap with sliced hot dogs, carrots and celery. And we went to bed.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, we got out of bed and immediately looked at the camera footage and, yes, we see the little bugger go over to the trap to eat. Fairly satisfied that we have caught the uninvited house guest, we checked the trap and find that it is quite empty. Not only is there no opossum, most of the hot dog slices are missing. The salad portion of the dinner sits wilting under my glare. Talk about a picky and ungrateful diner.

Upon reviewing the footage, my husband and I notice that the opossum was too tiny to spring the trap. This warrants another trip to the store for a smaller trap. At this point I am beginning to talk like Bill Murray’s Caddy Shack character. Hopefully, at the time of publishing of this Blooming Daisies Blog, our little visitor will be out of the house. One daughter-in-law says it will not want to move out with our 5 star accommodations! Unfortunately for it, the eviction notice is imminent. Stay tuned for breaking news!!

*****Breaking news…Breaking news*****

It is Friday morning and the newest household member is still with us. We have named it “Jerry”, after the more intelligent half of the cartoon characters, Tom & Jerry. Not a good idea, naming it, but the little guy is smart, just like his namesake. Jerry enjoyed the hot dog and apple and actually triggered the trap but he was able to avoid capture. We will persist in trying to catch and rehome it. Again, stay tuned for more breaking news!

Now back to the regular programming…

You may have noticed that my sister and I are “somewhat” close. We text nearly every day and talk on the phone several times a week. The Blooming Daisies Crafts blog has been a conduit for our relationship. There are four years and a few states between us but we find that we have more and more in common all of the time.

My husband and I have found that Florida homes do not have a lot of storage. Knowing this, we try to get as much as possible; hence the 2 linen closet makeovers already completed. Since moving into the new house, I have been searching for a buffet/liquor cabinet for our dining room. Nothing too frantic; just waiting for the perfect piece. Anyway, I found a nice looking buffet on FB Marketplace for $75. It has an oak veneer but that would be okay as I do not feel bad painting over veneer. As an added bonus it was not too far away! My husband and I drove over to pick it up and found that it was super heavy and in very nice shape.

I was pretty excited about the new purchase and soon sent a picture to my sister; we text back and forth for a while. Soon she asks, “Is it Broyhill?” Silly me, I answer, “Not even close!” She sends me a picture of the lower part of her china hutch and tells me where to find the furniture maker’s mark. WE ARE TWINNING!! As far as we can tell the one difference between the two pieces of furniture is that her Broyhill logo is a metal plate while mine has it burned into the wood. She has had it for over 20 years. Sweetly, she tells me that she wants to see how her furniture would look in black. I am working hard to put “before and after” pictures up but, as you may notice, my past attempts at arranging pictures on the blog can be comical.

Featured product for this week is Nintendo in honor of new product and the sweetness of sisterhood! My sister is Luigi to my Mario!

Grime Guards - Mario and Luigi

Nurses Caps - Nintendo Characters

Needle Minders - Mario and Yoshi

Mushrooms - Toadette and Toad

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