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12 Needle Crafter Gift Ideas

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

1. Needleminders - Stocking Stuffer idea! Cute and fun magnet gadgets to hold your needles without loosing them

2. Grime Guards - many different varieties and sizes! Starting with the smallest hoops going to 48” (my largest)

3. Q-Snap Project Bags - Keeps each project all together for when you have the time to work on it!

4. Dust Covers for your projects! - These can make your living room look festive and keep helping dirty hands off your WIP!

5. Scissor fobs - Stocking Stuffer - a cute addition to your scissors

6. Scissors - they have some real cute scissors available for our cutting pleasure!

7. Scissor Holders - Stocking Stuffer - a place to put your scissors for their safety and yours!

8. Ort Jar Scissor Holders - Stocking Stuffer - If you have an Ort (Old Raggedy Threads) jar - this is NEW! I found that I would just put my scissors down and then when it was time to cut a thread, I'd be hunting for my scissors. This keeps it all together!

9. Frames - Q-snap or Scroll - I like both and have projects on both types

10. Frame Stands - I personally don’t use one but have heard they are wonderful!

11. Future Projects - This is never too long! I personally have 9 either being worked on or in the holder for future projects! I also have a list on my Amazon page with ones that I want!

12. Gift cards for personal choices!

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