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2020 – Happiness is seeing you in the rear view mirror!

I think all of us are looking forward to 2021. Aside from those hardcore introverts, this year has been difficult for most people in varying degrees. While I don’t believe there will be a magical event at midnight, the thought of the New Year has lifted the spirits of nearly everyone. So this is my one last look back at 2020—the review of my resolutions to see how well I did and figure out if any have become habit.

I had five on my 2020 resolutions list:

  1. Continue to lose weight: Who doesn’t have this New Year’s resolution? I have lost a total of 5 pounds from January 1st, 2020. Having tried a number of failed diets, I changed to going the way of slow weight loss with the hope that I can keep it off once my healthy goal weight is achieved. And, apparently, I have been doing just that. WIN! However, I will put this at the top of my 2021 resolution list. Even though I would consider it a habit, it’s okay to carry some resolutions from year to year. Sometimes we just need the reminder. Just a little shout-out to my sister: this past week, she completed her 500th Peleton ride—in less than a year!

  2. Strength Training: This was my most difficult resolution! It was on track to be a “fail” but, in November, I started classes with a neighbor who is a personal trainer. She has started me on an exercise regimen that includes weights. I feel stronger and hope to keep it up. As pointed out on a fitness page, “Our bodies change as we age. Perhaps the exercises you used to do no longer work with your body, or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results. A trainer can help you adjust or adapt your program as you age, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength.” Um, all of the above! I’m at the age that muscle mass disappears fast. Now it is the time to fight time! And, gravity.

  3. Outdoor Activity: One would think that my living in Florida would make this an easy goal. I did get outside more but I was not consistent. I did well some months and other months, not so much. Outdoor activity will make the short list in 2021. Maybe I will add the word, “consistency”. I have a couple of incentives that should help me—one new and an “old pair”. My husband and I purchased a two person catamaran and have already had it out on the water a couple of times and had so much fun! And, the girls, Bella and Rosy, our rescues, enjoy regular walks and I find I do, too. Yep, “get out!” may be my new mantra!

  4. Blooming Daisies Blogs: Looking back at the website and the number of blogs, I nailed this one! With my sister coming on board to enhance my posts, they have become regular. I was aiming at consistency; now, I will be looking at being more intentional with the content. We already have ideas for 2021 and are working on running themes!

  5. Enjoy Life: I do enjoy my life. My husband and I live in a great home in a state that has an incredible climate. We are blessed with self-sufficient children that have produced some of the most beautiful grandkids. I thank God every day for my good health. While I personally wasn’t touched by the pandemic, I pray for the end of this and recovery for all.

I saw a Facebook post about Irish tradition to open your door at midnight on New Year’s Eve to usher out the old year and welcome in the New Year. After fact checking with our Irish DIL, and finding it to be true, my husband and I did exactly that. Goodbye 2020! The year did have a few highlights but we are ready for 2021.

This week, I will be making my 2021 Resolution List. If you have read this far, you already know a few returning favorites. How about you? Do you try to do the New Year Resolutions or just steadily move forward? Check back next week to see my list. And while you are there, post yours, too!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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