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2021 Resolutions time!


As 2020 came to a close, I was happy to see it go. I knew that there would be no magic moment at midnight, or special elixir to add to the water to rid the world of Covid. However, I believe that each January 1 is the starting day for new beginnings (or a chance to continue good habits).

My resolutions for 2021 include:

  1. Keep losing weight. I may not have lost much weight in 2020 but every pound lost is a pound lost! If you read my blogs on a regular basis, you know that I have started working with a personal trainer to build muscle. At one point in 2020, I was getting over 20K steps a day. Somewhere, I lost momentum. I plan to start up again at 10K. This I can revisit during the year.

  2. Walk the girls, Bella and Rosy. This plays right into the first resolution. When my husband and I rescued Rosy, she was heartworm positive. Restoring a dog to good health after the diagnosis and medical protocol is a long and slow process. Walking is definitely the proper road to recovery for Rosy and keeps the rest of the household active.

  3. Use the kayak, bicycles, and boat at least once a month. Hopefully this works us to twice a month, then once a week…outdoor activity that switches up muscles. Good for the mind as well as the body!

  4. Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are nutritious, filling, and taste good! They are the mainstay for a healthy diet. I do not want to “diet” in 2021. At this time, I am looking to amend my current one by adding more veggies.

  5. Enjoy life! Last year was not an easy year and worse for some than others. I choose to enjoy what I could and let the rest slide (as much as possible) because I was able to. This year, 2021, I plan to learn from 2020 to continue to look at all things with a positive light.

I know resolutions aren’t for everyone but they are for me. I have them posted where I can see them every day. I hope that some of you, my kindred spirits, might post your resolutions in the comment section. Sometime this year, or maybe a couple times, I will revisit them with you to check my scorecard.

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