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2022 is here! Holy Cow!

So, 2021 flew right by for me! I can’t believe it’s over and we are starting 2022. 2021 finished up peacefully and quiet! After all, we sold our house and moved in April and May of 2021. Talk about life plan changes! However, we love where we are at in the new house and it feels so right for us!

So for 2022 our plans and resolutions…Hmm. I have always having the keep losing weight on my resolutions list but I also have come to realize that maintaining my weight will just replace the losing it so there we have it! Acceptance. Just ready to get to the maintenance part of this. My sister has been maintaining her’s for at least 30 years so I think she knows what she’s doing. She also tries to eat veggies with every meal. But she does eat dessert every day so she does allow herself her indulgences!

Now when you look at my list, you’ll notice there isn’t anything about Cross Stitch WIP finishes. I cross stitch for the enjoyment of it. If it goes on my Resolution list, then the pressure starts to myself. So I know what I want to get done but don’t want to put the added stress on giving myself a deadline. Plus I tried it last year and didn’t do well with getting them done on the dates assigned to them. LOL

As always going into a new year, we have hopes and wishes. I’m hoping that I can get a steady income from Blooming Daisies Crafts for 2022. Right now, I’m making what I’m spending on supplies. Now I have to take the supplies and make product so everybody can look at the beautiful fabrics I have in my stash for future products.

So for all of you, Kimberly and I wish you much happiness, great health and lots of cross stitching time!

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