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5 Mistakes We Made and What We Have Learned From After Etsy

We've been off Etsy now for almost a month - things we have learned and hope to help you from doing the same thing!

1. Own your domain! - We owned it before we were off Etsy but...

2. Have your website up and populated - We hadn't developed our website before we were off Etsy. We are still populating our website.

3. Don't underestimate your Etsy competition - We were booted due to copyright infringement. We always took anything that was questioned down and didn't offer it any more. But from reading about getting the boot from Etsy, it says most of the time it's your competition that notifies the copyrighted companies...

4.  When you pin your product on Pinterest with your website active, the pins lead back to your website.  We were pinning it to our Etsy site - Now those pins say they are no longer available but Etsy has these suggestions...Not a good thing. 5.  Being off Etsy gave our business a set back but we are still selling and still producing!

Brit and I are determined to continue with the successful business we started!  We have some great customers that have been keeping us busy.  We are laying out our plans on 2019 and further!

Brit (the red head) and Debbie (the mom)

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