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A somewhat old dog can learn a new trick! (You know my sister titled this! I'm a spring chicken!)

When I am cross stitching I do not so much as “park” my floss as leave it hanging for the next page. On larger projects, I learned to find a stitch on the next page and try to carry it on. The reason I try to do this is because I have had to restarted projects due to the way the stitches can look. I feel that a hard line is visible between pages. As a matter of fact, that was one of the reasons I had to restart Tardis.

I have also learned to not end a line of stitches on one page and wait to restart it when starting the next page. There are a number of little issues with leaving the floss hanging, (1) it looks sloppy and (2) the threads get tangled in each other and the floss you are using. However, it does look very nice. Then one day I was visiting one of the many FB groups that I follow, and I saw “the Beadsmith No-Tangle Thread Bobbins, String Organizer”. I got a set of 8 and tried them out on this project. Actually, I really, really like them! These little gems are advertised as ideal for Kumihimo or Cord Management. They are easy to use, organizes the hanging floss, and the project looks so much cleaner--as you can see by the before and after pictures above. These Thread Bobbins organizers are also compact enough that the project will still wrap up in my dust cover!

Take another look at the photos and you will see that I am steadily moving forward on my Christmas Wreath WIP. As my husband and I had a real busy weekend, two nights of hockey, neighborhood party, and a visit with my husband’s brother and ended Saturday night with another hockey game.

The most fun was on Sunday when we took the girls out of the boat. It was their first time in their life jackets, which was very entertaining. All that being said, and done, I accomplished other things but I did not get much cross stitching done. Honestly, the wreath was not meant to be done this Christmas. I feel as though I am way ahead for next year.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts also has an order for 4 custom Dust Covers that is being sewn as I finish this blog. The Dust Covers are all new fabric and so cute. And they will be posted to BloomingDaisiesCrafts sometime soon. I promised the customer that I would not list the combinations until she receives her order. It is unfortunate for all of us, but she is excited to get them and deserves to enjoy them before everyone else! Feel free to “oooh and aaah!’ over the pictures. Now, hopefully, USPS will get them to her quickly so I can show everybody!

Speaking of the USPS, this is the last week to mail orders out for Christmas! Just know now that if you want something for someone special for Christmas, order it as soon as possible. Remember, as a small business, I keep my overhead low by producing product when it is ordered. That is correct; each piece of merchandise is sewn for the customer! It does not get any more personal than this. And, Needle Minders make cute and inexpensive stocking stuffers. My favorites are the Adorable Ghost Dog (I know - Halloween but still so cute!) and Mr. Potatohead Needle Minders. My sister suggested a darn cute way to add them to the stocking: the strong magnets allow them to be displayed on the outside of the stocking. This is a great way to personalize stockings. You can keep to the stocking’s theme or change it up with a new character.

“This Week’s Featured Product” is starting to move away from Christmas but remaining in the winter theme - because it is still winter in places. Not here is Florida, but other places. :). The pretty colorful Snowflake matching Grime Guards and WIP Project Bags are bright and fun. Match it with the Happy Snowman Winter Needle Minder and you have a perfect pairing to chase away those winter blues!

I hope you are almost all ready for Christmas or any holiday you celebrate. I have my packages all mailed out and our oldest son is coming to town on the 19th. (can't wait). He gets the Tardis!!!

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