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August 31…Complete a Project Day!

While the nation celebrates Labor Day this weekend, I have an additional reason to be celebrating: the Tardis is done and off the scroll rods! Did you hear me when I yelled “Hallelujah”? To say I am relieved would be an understatement! Our son will be spending Christmas with us so I will be able to see his face when he unwraps it. I am hoping that when he receives it, he shows the same amount of excitement that I feel completing it!

Truthfully, when I wrote my blog “skeleton” to send for editing, it was August 30 and the Tardis was not quite finished. I was anticipating doing my Happy Dance though! Now that the project is complete, I can say that I am very happy with how it turned out. This was my third start, THIRD!

After I spoke with my local needle craft expert, Lisa of Golden Needle, she recommended the dyed fabric. It made all the difference. I am glad I decided to use the dyed fabric and not stitch the full coverage. The cloudy/water effect of the material adds depth and movement to the finished product that I think supersedes the original two-tone white stitching. Now to start looking for those fabulous framing coupons!!

For quite some time I have been contemplating what to stitch next. I do not know if you remember the Christmas Wreath from previous blogs that I put it away to work on Tardis, but I plan to pull that out and begin stitching on it again. I think that I am going to try to do two projects at the same time so I have a little variety. As I have several to kits/instructions to choose from, the decision may be tough. I have posted pictures here (obviously below :) and on my social media to see what everybody thinks I should do next. Let me know which one you think. As usual, I will keep you posted on my progress.

I first asked my sister for her opinion and she said “Let it Snow”. Her reasoning: I am on a roll

with completing projects. Unfortunately, I have to frog some stitches because they should have been half stitches etc. I will not even ask if anyone else does that. I am content in my assumption that when anyone reaches something that may be difficult or aggravating; the project is set aside and the crafter moves on to a different one. In my mind, EVERYONE does.

In BloomingDaisiesCrafts news, the emphasis is on turning the Halloween fabric into product for customers to use on their Halloween (or whatever) WIP’s. If you have not checked out the Grime Guards lately, you are missing out! The newest offering is the Jack-o-Lantern Halloween/Fall GLOW IN THE DARK! This pattern is amazing. The brightly colored Jack-o-Lanterns are spooky cute. But, the coolest feature is that it GLOWS IN THE DARK! All BloomingDaisiesCrafts products come prewashed to minimize shrinkage and, in this case, to ensure that it maintains its luminescence. It does! The proof is in the picture. (I cannot help myself--I am going to make some trick or treat bags for my grandkids out of it!) BloomingDaisiesCrafts has a number of Halloween/Fall Needle Minders including the Cute Ghost Halloween (B5-11) or the Halloween Candy Corn (B5-16) that goes with all of the Grime Guards fall prints. The Halloween Ouija fabric is still available but only for a limited time as the supply is running low. You can easily match that Grime Guard with a couple of different planchettes-the original Ouija (B22-16) or Ouija Mini (B21-23) Needle Minders.

Whatever you are stitching BloomingDaisiesCrafts aims to have something for everybody!

House news: Last week our new dining room furniture was delivered. I do not know how much we will be using dining set but the table and chairs certainly complete that room nicely! The dining room is a reminder of past family gatherings and promises of more in the future. And, with our large family, my husband and I hope to enjoy both. Now with the completion of that room checked off my list, I am planning the master bedroom closet redo in my head. Can you tell I am not a person that can do nothing?

As it is the Labor Day weekend, I am fortunate to have Monday off from my part time job. My husband and I do not have any big plans; probably take our little 2-seater boat out for a spin, swim with the girls, and then play it by ear. Like many of you, I will be stitching.

Signing off this Labor Day blog with the same salutation as last year: I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate with those that mean the most to you. Have a safe holiday weekend!

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