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Christmas is coming and it is coming quickly!

It may not come as a surprise to most of you but Christmas is almost here! One week in fact.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts hopes that the items on your to-do list have been checked off. (Just remember, the sun will come up even if your list is not completed.) As most of my husband’s and my families live in other states, the first couple of weeks of December are my rush time: mailing out the packages to everybody so that they can put the gifts under the tree. Or open them early. It really does not matter to me.

The yearly Christmas ornaments normally determine how rushed I will be. This year, I had a couple of false starts, read that as “Pinterest fails”, but finally hit on the winner. The 2021 ornament is a wine cork mouse! Each of them turned out so cute. I was able to personalize them with colored scarves and trinkets that remind me of the recipient. The parts were inexpensive to purchase and the ornaments were easy to assemble. They are actually much sturdier than they look-not too delicate. It is nice to know that they are already showing up in mailboxes across the US.

The final deadline to mail packages for delivery by Christmas past earlier this week. If you have any last minute orders for BloomingDaisiesCrafts, feel free to make them. The presentation under the tree might need to be a little more creative--printing pictures of promised items; may be drawing a picture puzzle much like a game show I enjoyed as a child. (Using emoji symbols may be the current rage but, in truth, it is an old 1970’s game show.) New product is still dropping! Check out the new Dust Covers that were mentioned in last week’s blog. They have now posted on BloomingDaisiesCrafts. This client that requested this custom order is a Disney fan so they have those fun Disney linings! The Stitching Words w/ Mickey & Friends is sure to be a favorite. Featuring the rich gold color fabric with phrases--One stitch at a time; Happiness is a full bobbin; Sew much fabric, Sew little time; and more! -- that speak to our stitchers’ hearts! I feel that is the perfect fabric!

If you need a laugh for your WIP, click on the Needle Minders tab and scroll down to “Snarky”. You will not be disappointed. Try out “Hakuna Moscato - it means drink wine”. If that does not bring a smile to your face, BloomingDaisiesCrafts has others! Sometimes we just need a little sarcastic humor.

Now, onto the personal side of the blog, I may or may not have made some mistakes when I transitioned to multi-page projects, but I did learn a lot very quickly. I now know that I really do not like transitioning to a new page or working off a few so you can carry your floss to the next page. In a sneak peek, I am thinking one of my 2022 New Year Resolutions will be to work with the Markup R-XP app to see about changing from paper instructions to working off my iPad. Do you use electronic or paper instructions? Was the change easy or difficult? Do you use a tablet or your phone? My niece uses her IPhone, bless her heart. Her eyes are much younger than mine.

Speaking of New Year Resolutions, this is the last blog of 2021, I think. The next blog will announce my 2022 Resolutions for which I am sure you will all be waiting with bated breath. But before we bring in the new, let’s take a look at the old and review “Debbie’s 2021 Resolutions.” Drum roll, please!

  • Resolution 1: Continue to lose weight. It is the top of everyone’s list and the most reviled. While I did not lose any weight, I was able to maintain my weight. I am not saying it has not fluctuated; it has. Any weight that I gained, during the cruise for example, came off. I will call that a win.

  • Resolution 2: Walk the girls. When (rescued) Rosy came to us, she was just finishing up her heart worm treatment. The treatment is awful for those dogs that are infected (please keep your dog’s heartworm medication up to date!) Rosy was hardly able to walk a few houses, but has improved somewhat. Her walks may be short, but they are so important to her mental and physical wellbeing. I may change this in 2022 to taking her swimming more often. My rescue does love to rescue me.

  • Resolution 3: Use the kayak, bicycles and boat at least once a month. Ugh! So, nope. Transitioning to the new house in May took its toll on both of us. We are still recovering! My husband and I did take the Craig Cat out to enjoy the Christmas lights displays around the canals a couple of weeks ago. However, we messed up the propeller. Hopefully the replacement will be delivered via Amazon by Wednesday.

  • Resolution 4: Eat more vegetables. And I have done this over the course of 2021. I have been trying to step up on the vegetable intake even more since visiting my sister in September. She tries to eat veggies with every meal. I try to add some to various meals every day. Baby steps all the way.

  • Resolution 5: Enjoy life! This one is a major SUCCESS! My husband and I ended up buying a dream house for us. If you had asked us this time last year if we were moving, we both would have said, “No”. But circumstances change and opportunities arise. While we both were happy in the last house, this new one checked off some boxes that had quietly slipped onto our list of “Retirement Home Wishes.” We absolutely love the view from our lanai and enjoy eating most meals there just watching the water.

For 2022, I am sure my resolutions will be very similar to these past ones. Check back in a couple of weeks when I put them in writing! Next week, BloomingDaisiesCrafts will be taking the week off to enjoy the holiday with our families. From this family to your family, we hope that you have a great Christmas!

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Dec 18, 2021

Have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and yours nothing but the best in the New Year!!

Replying to

You too, Kellie!

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