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Christmas Product is Coming!

The holiday season is quickly approaching! With this in mind, Christmas product should be up on the Blooming Daisies website by October 1. Blooming Daisies has dust covers of every size that can hide your cross stitching gifts from curious eyes and accent your holiday decorating at the same time. Look for a large selection of lip balm holders in holiday prints for fun, practical stocking stuffers--or to bling out your handbag--for under $5! You won’t want to miss the new Christmas project bags and grime guards! The transfer of NeedleMinders will be complete in the next couple of weeks and posted to the website. New this year, Blooming Daisies will be adding gift packaging for your or your significant other’s holiday convenience. Check back with us for more to information.

Remember Blooming Daisies is gearing up make your Christmas gift giving (and receiving) easy!

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