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Congratulations to My Sister and Niece!

Congratulations go out to my sister, Kimberly and niece, Riley! Earlier this month Redfin Real Estate contacted BloomingDaisiesCrafts regarding an upcoming article featuring cross-stitch in home décor. Needless to say, you know I handed that off to my sister who pulled in my niece! They are awesome with words! BloomingDaisiesCrafts responded and was honored to be not only approached but featured in its April 19 Blog. You can read more about imaginative ways to feature your work here:

Now back to me...Like many parents, once my husband and I finished raising our five children, we decided to downsize our house. We had had a couple return to the nest, briefly, (we called them “Bloomerangs”) and thought that it would be best for all if the safety net was not so comfortable or accessible. Not everyone will share that idea, but please give me some grace and remember that each person’s story is their own. We had talked of retiring to Florida and decided not to wait. Why wait? The decision was made, pieces fell into place and we made our move to our “forever home” in the Sunshine State. And, then life happened. No, no more Bloomerangs! For a while, the space was perfect, but BloomingDaisiesCrafts has been blessed with solid growth!

I have ALWAYS loved creating and sewing things. BloomingDaisiesCrafts came into being because my daughter, Brittany, wanted a bag to carry her cross stitch back and forth to work. She was carrying it in an “elegant” plastic grocery bag--I know we can all relate to that. So we talked design and I sewed the prototype, and it was good. However, there was room for improvement. More discussion ensued, the design was altered and a couple of sample bags were sewn-- improving as we went. Still these were just for personal use. Then, one day, Brittany told me about Grime Guards! As a cross stitch enthusiast and seamstress, I fell in love. The easiest product to sell is one that you personally use and “cannot live without”! Thus BloomingDaisiesCrafts began.

Brittany was such a great start up partner! And, then life happened. Brittany needed to step away from the business to focus on homeschooling grandchildren One and Three. (I do miss the daily texts and calls about what to do with different things.) At the time, I was able to absorb her portion of the business—Needle Minders. So my inventory grew.

Now my husband and I have found we are having growing pains. Actually, the house is. The more choices that are offered on BloomingDaisiesCrafts, the more raw materials must be organized and stored. At this time, the office, workroom and warehouse are one and the same. So, to ease some of the pain, we are moving houses. BloomingDaisiesCrafts will be able to stretch its wings. Flex its muscles. Expand like a gas. Pick whatever visual you like! And no, we aren't moving only due to Blooming Daisies Crafts. We are excited to move to our new home! This will be our new view!!!!

In order to make a smooth transition, I will be taking off the entire month of May. So get your orders in soon! It is my hope to make the move, reorganize the BloomingDaisiesCrafts inventory and the raw materials, and, hopefully, get some new product ready to post on June 1st. I also plan on having a “Moving Sale”.

BloomingDaisies Crafts Big Sellers this week:

  • Cute Cat Tangled in Yarn Needle Minder is brand new and just adorable. Although it features yarn, crafty people tend to dabble in different textiles. And cat people just don’t care when the Needle Minder is this cute!

  • Pretty Purple Flower fabric is available in Q-snap bags and q-snaps. This print yells “SPRING”. Look at it and you can’t deny it.

New product in the works!

The customer/BloomingDaisiesCrafts “fat bottom” bags collaboration was produced, mailed out and received last week. The customer likes the wider bottom bags to carry her projects in. As mentioned above, I am hoping to sew a couple during my off time to get them listed June 1. Pictures will be post of the customer’s “prototypes” with a list price of $55 each. Again, BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers a choice of fabric or you can supply your own.

As always, sign up on our website for notification of new blogs, sales and new product!

Have a great week and I’ll talk with you next week!

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