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Coronavirus Challenge Update!

It is time for the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Coronavirus Challenge update!

I have finished my “first” Coronavirus Project!!! Little did I know that this cross stitch would be so timely. Almost scarily so…But, just to remind you, “Stay calm (and at home)” and that today is actually Friday. I need those reminders myself.

I plan to wait until everything “calms” down to figure out what I’m going to do with this little gem. However, it might not be a bad idea to make some notes from my perspective for future generations.

As the year of March 2020 is now over, I have “restarted” my Tardis in the Clock again. This is my third “restart” – hopefully, the 3rd time is a charm. I am using the Tardis needleminder featured on BloomingDaisiesCrafts—I do like things to match!

Keep posting your challenge pictures to BloomingDaisiesCrafts. We can all use the incentives and the accolades to keep us going!

Until later—“Keep calm and pretend it’s Friday!”

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