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Cross Stitch Grime Guard (aka Q-Snap Protector)

The Golden Needle, my favorite local needlecraft store, had a “Sit N Stitch” last Saturday. It is a wonderful time for all “stitchers”, young or old, new or experience, to share their time and their project with other women (men are encouraged to join) that share the love of the same hobby. A “new to the event” stitcher joined the regulars that day. The newbie has been cross stitching for years and, as she had been taught to use a hoop, she has continued to do so during her stitching career. Once seeing our Q-snaps and Grime Guards, she had questions. I had some answers.

Q: Why a Q-snap instead of a hoop?

A: Personally, I feel that the wider Q-snap frame provides a more solid surface to hold instead of me having to grasp the fabric. I also like the way the Q-snap has the ribbed clamps to hold my project tight. When working on small or medium projects, I use a Q-snap; however, I do switch to scroll rods for larger projects.

Q: What are the cloth things, Grime Guards, around the Q-snap frame?

A: That explanation began with a demonstration of the whole outfit. Remembering that she is ‘New to the event” but not new to the craft--she had been stitching for years but had never thought of using a Grime Guard. And, in all honesty, I had not used them until a few years ago. And while you may believe that I love them because I sell them on BloomingDaisiesCrafts, you would be incorrect! It is because I love and use them that I sell them.

Q: Why use Grime Guards?

A: Grime Guards live up to their name! They are designed to guard your precious WIP from grime that may be present on your hands. This includes the natural occurring oils, residual lotions, or may be the dirt that you might not realize has gotten on your hands. Grime Guards also protect your project your “helper” wants to hand you your sewing. As a grandmother of many, I can’t imagine not using Grime Guards to protect my projects.

Q: What sizes are Grime Guards available?

A: The basic sizes for Grime Guards are listed on BloomingDaisiesCrafts. However, I can make most sizes. Special orders have included a set of Grime Guards for a 48” scroll rod and a singular Grime Guard for a 24”x24” q-snap. Products for Omanik are available but you need to contact me because the frames require a wider Grime Guard. By the same token, classic hoop Grime Guards are skinnier. I have learned so much since starting BloomingDaisiesCrafts to be honest!

If you have something you want made, message me. I know that I say that a lot but in all of my years of sewing, I have plenty of experience.

  • Under Home Fashions, I have successfully reupholstered furniture, sewn cushions (not my favorite), as well as, fashioned and sewn curtains and valances.

  • As a structure seamstress, I have designed and sewn Halloween costumes (for the pickiest of customers—my kids), a number of prom dresses, and various stuffed animals.

  • And, as is evidenced at BloomingDaisiesCrafts, my portfolio includes the design and fabrication of project bags, grime guards, masks (no, I don’t sell these), nursing caps (NEW PRODUCT! that is a WIP) and so many other things. Seriously, please, just ask.

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