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Cross Stitch Needlecraft Needles and More :)

I saw this picture on a cross stitch FB group I belong to - I thought it was interesting that sizes of fabric have different size needles to use. It would make sense; knitting needles and crochet hooks all come in different sizes. Normally that is due to the different sized yarn. Cross stitch needle size is due to the number of threads used and/or the cloth count. I need to remember that.

I am a creature of habit. Or it may be (lack of) eyesight for threading needles. I use Size 24 most often because I can see the eye to thread them easily and the needle doesn’t seem to be as delicate. There are some Size 26 needles in my cross stitch stash though. Every time I pull them out, I have a tough time threading them and back into the container they go. I can hear cross stitchers everywhere saying, “Use the needle threader!” Honestly, I have broken so many of those with their delicate wire. I do have some future projects on 18-count Aida cloth. I promise that I will again attempt to use a Size 26 needle.

I also have the Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles in my arsenal. I have not really become attached to them because it is hard for me to get used to the movements. The Tardis has a bunch of confetti stitches and I find it is easier just handling the regular needle and letting it hang to unwind. I know my stitches do not lay as flat as some of yours but I am okay with that for now. Maybe to contour adds a 3D effect to my project!

Speaking of Tardis - did you see my InstaGram and FB post? I am on the last page!! This section will finish up the clock face—Roman numerals I through III, or 1-3 as that does not read well—and more of the “confetti” stitching. I am hoping to do the final stitch by my August 31 deadline! This has triggered an earworm of Dory in my head. Anyway, I am excited. However, I am even more excited to decide which project will be worked on next! I have one or two started but will choose one to stitch on in earnest. If you check the new Grime Guards you might be able to see the start of my newest adventure in cross stitch.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts New Product:

I posted the Filigree Candy Corn Halloween/Fall Grime Guards last Saturday. They are so pretty and festive. This print is a little more “sophisticated” than the Halloween Candy Corn Patterned Grime Guards.

The Filigree Candy Corn Halloween/Fall Grime Guards are just the beginning of the new fall fabric patterns! My sister and I LOVE fall. Yes, we are two of those – “Pumpkin Spice? Yes, PLEASE” people. So be ready as BloomingDaisiesCrafts is preparing to get the 2021 Halloween/Fall product out before launching the new Christmas items. The fabric patterns include some cute prints as well as some beautiful designs for Grime Guards, WIP bags and Q-Snap bags. Keep following BloomingDaisiesCrafts to see what we are up to.

Check out the Needle Minders for the 3 new ones that are in queue to be posted. My sister keeps asking, “When? When?” My answer, “Soon! Soon!”

Adventures in home ownership:

I am finishing up the painting in the house which would be the reason for the delay in posting the Needle Minders. I painted the entry way and am working in the dining room today. It really feels like home.

Have a great week and if you cannot wait to see the new fabrics, message me - you can request anything - different sizes, different liners, etc. on most any of the BloomingDaisiesCrafts product line! Click the button that says “Let’s Chat!” Once contacted, I do my best respond in a timely fashion!

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