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Cross Stitch Terms Then and Now

It is understood that all families are not the same. Growing up, our family dynamics seemed strikingly different from all of my friends and classmates. I am sure every teenager feels that way. However, our family had its own vocabulary. Not language, vocabulary. Let me start this sentence correctly. “When I was your age…” the names of things were different than they are today. For example, my mom would ask one of us to bring her the “whatchamacallit” and we magically would know what she was talking about. “Hoochimajig,” “thingamabob,” and, the ever popular, “doohickey” were common and identifiable objects in our house. Strangely, those items could be physically different day to day. In another linguistic anomaly, I answered to “Ki-Deb” and my sister answered to “De-Kim”. I have heard that this is not so rare. But real names were something we have adapted to through the years.

Today, the Blooming Daisies Crafts blog will review some basic cross stitch verbiage that has been picked up through the years, so you can understand! Fortunately for everyone, they are universal versus familial.

Aida – the most popular fabric to use for cross stitch with brands including DMC, Zweigart and Charles Craft. Threads are woven evenly to form squares. The most popular counts are 14, 16 and 18 and the number indicates the number of squares in a row (or column) per inch. The larger the number, the more detailed your piece will look.

Back Stitch – a method of stitching to outline a cross stitch piece, usually in a dark color. This really highlights the design and gives detail to what would otherwise be blobs! I love this part. Sometimes I back stitch as I go and other times I wait.

Chart – the cross stitch pattern to work from when stitching. These can be a single page or multiple pages depending on the complexity of the project.

Count – the number of holes per linear inch. Often you will hear '14 count’ meaning 14 holes (or squares) in one linear inch of the fabric.

Counted Cross Stitch – the fabric is plain and normally Aida cloth. Stitchers use a printed or digital pattern as a guide to help sew each stitch.

DMC – one of the most popular brands of thread (or floss) used for embroidery and cross stitch. It comes in hundreds of different colors and effects. These are sold in “skeins”.

Dust Cover – just one offering in the Blooming Daisies Crafts merchandise line. This fabric

product wraps around your WIP and secures with hook and loop. It is used to protect and/or hide your current project as well as holding your chart, directions, and extra thread together when stitching in a fixed location.

Floss – another word for thread used in cross stitch (e.g. DMC floss)

Frog / Frogging –happens when a mistake has been made and stitches have to cut out and removed/ripped out. This term comes from the sound frogs make ‘ribbit, ribbit’ or ‘rip it, rip it’. No crafter likes frogging but everyone has frogged!!! My friend, Kellie makes some frogging needles so at least it has pretty accessories!

French Knot – a small knot used to define small details in a pattern (e.g. an animal’s eye, seeds). Sometimes people call this the hardest part of the project.

Grime Guard - Fabric piece made to cover your framed WIP (be it scroll or Q-Snap) to protect your project from oily or dirty hands. Blooming Daisies Crafts have plenty to choose from!

Hoop Frame - a type of frame used to hold your fabric taut for sewing. It is lighter in weight than the Q-Snap and not as bulky. They come in round or the newest type is call Nurge - a square hoop. Hoop frames come in various colors and this set even comes with floss organizers. And yes, if you use that link, I might make a few cents. :)

Hoop Frame Dust Cover - Project Bag - Handy holder for your WIP on your hoop frame to stay organized and clean from dust and grime. One of our newest products. Zipper for your convenience!

LNS – Local Needlecraft Shop - Golden Needle moved to Texas. :(. But we can still shop online at her store! Lisa is very fast to answer your emails or you can call her!

Needle Minder – a small, decorative magnetic item affixed onto your Aida cloth which holds your needle safe and secure when not in use. Blooming Daisies Crafts has over 500 right now and adding more!

ORT – Old Raggedy Threads or Orphaned Random Threads

ORT Jar - Any jar or container for your Orphaned Random Threads. I use a canning jar with the metal screw on lid without the canning insert! This allows you to decorate it with Blooming Daisies Crafts Needle Minders!

ORT JAR Scissor Holder - Fits on your ORT jar to hold your scissors handy! I think these are Blooming Daisies Crafts exclusive!

Project Bag – A tote to carry and protect your precious cross stitch project when you are on the go. A customized bag makes it easy to recognize and reflects your unique personality. Blooming Daisies Crafts has many to choose from. Or contact us for more options.

Q-Snap – a type of frame used for cross stitching that snaps together around a frame to keep fabric taut and in place.

Q-Snap Bag - a bag that stores your WIP with accessories for traveling or just to keep everything together.

Scroll Frame - a type of frame used for cross stitching that lets you scroll instead of moving the frame. It keeps your fabric taut and in place, too.

Signature - your initials or some acknowledgement when you cross stitched the project and year.

WIP – Work In Progress

WIP Project Bag - a windowed bag to keep a future WIP with some supplies ready to become your current WIP.

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