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Current WIP’s! Almost a Month Later!

This post was written in mid-October. It’s now mid-November. Oops. Lots going on including lots of company. :)

For those of you that follow Blooming Daisies Crafts on social media, you might have seen this past week that I finished my second WIP for 2023! This is a major accomplishment for me as I get to check it off my 2023 Goal List! I feel like Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality” when she is practicing her acceptance wave and tears in the airplane. This is big! I mean now that I am starting a surplus WIP (or two) for the year, I have the opportunity to try something different!

At this time, I have three WIP that I am actively working on. While all are needle crafts, two of are cross-stitch and one is knitting.

  • The easiest one, pattern and size-wise, is probably my “Just Be Claus” by Amy Brueken that I purchased and kitted through Golden Needle while the store was still located in Florida. It is stitched on a pretty purple (hint: theme here) soft, dyed Aida cloth.

  • The second stitchery that I am working on is the Gold Collection by Dimensions Holiday Harmony Wreath (8662). I have not worked on this kit in quite some time; it was before I learned to not go “page to page” which can lead to the pages being defined on the stitchery. If you are new to cross stitch or have not attempted a project like this, “page definition” is definitely a thing! Finding that out after starting the Wreath, I am hoping I cannot see where every page ended. Even though only 2 pages have been completed, they are in the middle and would affect the upper and lower pages. Wish me luck! Remember to blend, blend, blend.

  • And, last but not least, is a pretty purple, no sleeve sweater I am knitting for myself. I found a picture of a beautiful, knitted tank, perfect for the Florida weather by the way, online. By doing some sleuthing, a pattern was found. Next the hunt was on for the “out of print” magazine that featured the pattern. And of course, I had to shop around for the best price. Once purchased, there was the wait time. Fortunately, it arrived early! I started the project immediately!

I am excited for all of them. Now, you may ask, “How am I doing things differently?” It happened quite naturally. I am finding that I knit 5 rows on the sweater then I switch to one of the cross-stitching projects. I will see if this new dynamic drives me crazy or if I like the changing routines! Plus, we have our ECHL (formerly known as East Coast Hockey League) season starting soon. That will mess with my WIP schedule, too!

With hockey starting up, the games will consume quite a bit of my time at night. My husband and I have season tickets to our local team, the Florida Everblades, a professional minor league ice hockey team based in our area. The team is affiliated with the Florida Panthers of the NHL and the Charlotte Checkers of the AHL. Home games are usually 3 nights one week and then away games the next week. I do not normally take my stitching with me to the arena, but I make up for it while sitting at home with my husband watching the televised away games.

Make sure to follow Blooming Daisies Crafts on FB and IG so you see the “WIP Wednesday” updates. Another fun posting that started recently is “Matching Mondays.” I sent a Corgi Needle Minder to my niece and, in return, she sent me a picture of it with her Corgi puppy. This made me think, “What Needle Minders do I have that match objects near or around me?” Now on Monday’s, Blooming Daisies Crafts is publishing Needle Minders that match things around my house and business. If you have Needle Minders that match things around your house, take a picture of your Needle Minder with the object and post it on the Blooming Daisies Crafts social media page that you frequent. I love those kinds of things.

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