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Domino Effect

Forrest Gump famously said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I wish! I love chocolate. My life at this time is more like Domino Masters. On the Fox show, “teams of domino enthusiasts facing off in an unbelievable domino toppling and chain reaction tournament.” That is the official description. In my world, the emphasis is on the “chain reaction” as my perfectly laid plans sometimes (okay, frequently) go awry.

Each and every project has a beginning and an end, obviously. It is the process in between that has the complexity and drama. In “Debbie’s Off the Rail Edition,” a new idea blooms and soon a plan is being drawn, discussions ensue between me and my sister, a list is being made, supplies are being purchased, and I sit down to enjoy creating my vision. Then the drama begins.

The drama does not always appear at the same stage of the creative process. I am ready to get into my happy place, creative juices are flowing, and then realize in order to get to the end goal, I have about 10 other things to do. Think back to when my husband and I moved. “I need to set up the office. But first, I need to paint. I should start with the ceiling. Let’s take down the ceiling fan. It squeaks, and is now down, so I should probably replace it. Hmmm, do I want all of the ceiling fans to match? I need to shop. I can paint now but look at the time! Can I get the ceiling painted before it gets too late? What’s for dinner?”

Lately, one domino trail has leaned toward the physical. While grandkids #1 and #3 were visiting, I misstepped in the boat, slipped, and fell, bruising a rib. Needless to say, as a person gets older, the healing takes longer. And, the body compensates as best as it can. Due to the rib pain, I started walking “funny” which caused my back to start to ache. I had trouble getting comfortable at night and we all know what happens when you do not get as much sleep as you want or need. I, in turn, nap like the young mother of an infant—whenever I think my mind will let me do that. Also, it is funny how you find a position that feels comfortable and you do not want to move anything!

If you are wondering what a child’s past time or the premise of a new TV show has to do with stitching, well, let me demonstrate it for you. This domino very short “arm” starts as I sit on the couch with a heating pad (see above) and I think, “I should be working on my stitching projects.” Nope, I am vegetating. I am not sure if that is a domino fail or not. Some cross stitch work has been done but compared to some avid stitchers, it is a mere pittance! Not to worry; there are more dominoes falling on my board. Chiropractor tomorrow! My sister is visiting!

Blooming Daisies Crafts update: As was spoiled above, orders are still in production and being mailed out slowly. The gnome fabric proved to be very popular, and was unfortunately seasonal, causing me to run very short on supply. Domino falling. I started looking for gnome fabric and while I may have found an alternative I could be happy with, I continued to hunt. Domino falling. I looked at my source for the original pattern and the company was out so I still looked for an alternative gnome fabric. Domino falling. Fabric has been selected, purchased, delivered, washed. Dominoes smoothly falling.

Now the tile trail forks as the different products lines need to be sewn and products posted: Grime Guards, Q-Snap Bags, and WIP Bags. However, last week I wanted to catch up on orders, make a new Hoop Dust Cover Bag (to give at least 2 choices), and list the new Needle Minders…all of which was mentioned in last week’s blog. Complex pattern of dominoes!

Speaking of the blog, last week my sister returned my improved blog back to me ready for publication, I had to list stuff (domino) and also change my blog (domino) because certain things did not get done. Fortunately, she is here and the blog is already on my computer. I may be a Domino Master this week! Of course, with her here we got side tracked so this is publishing late. Oh, well. I hope your dominos are falling in the direction you are aiming them at!

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